@ Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Having a very high stress week with prac exams, missed the legal one and had almost no memory of Kotter for business, only that it involved 8 steps. For the 1st time ever I wrote 3 essays on 3 hours and my hand and neck hurt :(. I almost finished all 3, though on the last one I just made up the conclusion, poorly written and it was only two sentences.

We have a week and a bit left officially, including grad/ceremony/dinner and breakfast. But we're popping in and out during the week after that, then the 1st exam is on the 3rd Nov! :( I haven't 120% finished my notes, though most are ok and just need touch ups and such - except law where I'm missing 3-4 chapters.

Once again we are at another end-ish of semester (blogging since '09). And the question of thank you cards and end of yr gifts are on hand. So far I've planned class thank you card, I have 3/4 ready for signing. Initially I had them all, but then realized 12 people (health class) are going to have a hard time filling out an A4 card (unfolded), so now we're on the hunt for another smaller card. I have a smaller card, lovely design for mr business (who answered a lot of Qs today ^^) but is it wrong to get two people (who do talk to each other) the same card design? Perhaps not in guy world...  

Ideally I'd get everyone to pitch in and buy mr x something like... chocolates? as flowers aren't a guy thing - plus he has no idea what to do with it, other than pass it onto a girl. But it's too difficult. So we're just going to sign a card and get a picture of everyone, and perhaps get someone else to present it (as it's not within the character I play at college to do so, not a leader, not a follower, but a drifter). It would be amazing to get them a trophy, but perhaps it's a bit too much?

What to write in a thank you card... I always find this difficult, especially because people often misinterpret what I say "Words can't express the gratitude I feel when I think about what you have done." makes guy run for the hills. XD Hopefully that won't happen this year. Here are some generic messages. What I usually do if I'm stuck is stick in a quote (a relevant one), or poem. Here's a guide.

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