Xmas Shopping & Gifts @ Friday, November 11, 2011

2/4 Exams done ^^. I don't want to talk about health... Why do they make a massive list, but then only have a few thing on the actual exam? :( Only legal and business left. Almost completed notes for legal ready to be made into a book. Crashed after the health exam and was out for two days. It seemed like one day.

XD moment of the day: I'm sitting in the courtyard, eating a burger. mr health goes past and says "have a nice day" and I heard something about a diet O.O. XD I pretty sure he didn't say anything about a diet. Plus the burger had tomato (which I took out) and lettuce, it was overall healthy.

I don't know where this memory came from, what prompted it, but a few yrs ago I saw a guy who looks a lot like mr health, on a summer sport day. He offered to drive me from college purple to blue (as he was going there anyway).  At the time I didn't know him (and now I don't think I do either...), I recall that he looked like "Ken" the underwear model, with a "face carved by angels". And there was always a link, a similarity between Ken and mr health, other than they both wear similar white tops, so I was thinking that the unknown guy was mr health, it fits, as he would have had the opportunity to be at that place and time. I asked mr health if he's ever seen me before, and he says no. Because a. he doesn't do summer sport b. not into watching tennis (most popular summer sport with boys) c. if he ever went to that college purple, it was the city campus (not the one I was at). So all that's confusing... Who was that guy? Now that I've analyzed it, idk which college that guy was from (2 colleges have the same top, just diff shorts, purple and blue). I don't know who he is, but he looked familiar...

As mr health wanted my notes I made for the exam I gave them to him, on the condition that he doesn't try to sell them on ebay XD, as a joke, though he didn't think it was funny O.O not that I think he would ever try to sell them XD. He promises never to send them to anyone, and only to use them on the projector/screen/board. I hope he finds it useful, much more than if it were to be sent to storage.

The library is an interesting place, the people that come and go. Especially in exam times, when even the back row kids and potential drop-outs are there. The other day I heard a girl say she thinks mr health is a d**k O.O, and then she pretty much said she didn't know him XD. How can you judge when you don't even know the person? mr health is a great guy, and I think the nicest person I know. But then again considering she was wearing denim underwear (though H tells me those are short shorts, I still think they're underwear - and this is contributing to the future ban on free dress days) her opinions doesn't mean anything, and no one can take her seriously.

Being a Friday, classes end early, and the librarians are always in a rush to evacuate. As my bus didn't come for another almost 3hrs I did some (reasoned) retail therapy, though it was completely planned and analyzed. I went to exchange a belt for my nurse outfit (lifetime guarantee/warranty), bought all the gifts for those required (except my KK, which hasn't been allocated yet), and found one of those cheap & random stuff ran by asians (great for cheap stuff) where I bought a gift bag and some nice $1 cards.  Everything for xmas has being bought/paid for. Awaiting the delivery of the duck and time to pick up the soap.

In law one of the girls said mr eng hates her O.O. mr eng doesn't hate anyone. Yes he many find some of the kids insanely annoying (e.g. me and my Qs), but he doesn't hate anyone. She said she thought so because she left a gift ($$ wine) on his desk with a card, and he never said anything about it, while another mr eng emailed thanx. I don't know him well to say it's out of character, but surely he'll say thanks? I'm sure he appreciates it, as not everyone shows gratitude in the same way, just like affection. When we did class cards, he didn't seem to like it as much as the others, who said thanks and that they loved it ^^, but I do think he still likes it (to some extent) even if he doesn't show it much.

Men often say that women are hard to shop for. I don't know how they think that since there  are like, a billion sparkly things you can buy  for women that they will love. (Tip: When in  doubt, just go Tiffany's)

In fact, I think men are so much harder to shop for! You don't want to encourage video games, beer, or superhero capes, so that leaves out 95.68% of the things that guys would want for their birthdays.
You want something that has sentimental value yet make them go "Cool!" and stumble over their own feet while showing it off to all the guys at the office. - Bel from B for Bel

a. eQUIP's Envy Collection - Earthy Leaf Earrings $10
b. T2 3 Stack White
c. Mish Mash Soap - Custom, Spearmint Tangerine Vanilla $18
d. T-Duck Floating Tea Infuser
e. Newton's Cradle $20*
f. Mystery Box of Candy
g. Oxfam Unwrapped Seeds $10
h. T2's Organic Sencha 100g $15
i. Tank Up - Coffee Mug with Liquid Level Gauge $15

Some people put prices in their pictures, others don't. But I prefer to just in case readers are interested in buying it. Worst thing ever is to see something you'd love to get then find out it costs $$$.

a. - ms hoh, because she likes earrings and green. ^^ One of the most fun people to find a gift for, as girls like pretty things. And are much easier to gift then guys, girls like: candles, body shop stuff, jewelery, etc. Boys like... toy trains and cuff links/ties?

b. & d. - Jas. "T2 is the Lindt of Tea". The surprise failed. I asked his brother had the duck infuser, and immediately his brother asks jas... Funny thing, all the nine boxes were $52, so I assumed so was the white one (listed as out of stick, price: na), it turned out the white one was $82 O.O! And the box is 20x20cm, rather than as big as a mooncake box, which is what it looks likes on the site.

c. Soap, I like soap ^^, but I can't being myself to use my MOR collection... This one is for ms ss.

f. - mr bm. I actually don't know what to get him, he's one of the harder ones to get something for... a group got him cuff links and a matching tie (I think). But the thing with ties is, does it need a brand (and to cost >$60)? I'm told it depends on the guy. But to me no brand is required - it's all about the pattern. You're not going to find a designer music note or piano tie. I got him a box of gummy candy, the boxes you buy from the factory, as this candy comes in packets, not boxes normally - unless you know someone who works there.

e. & g. & i.  - mr health. initially one of the hardest to shop for, as he's the only guy I'm buying a gift for that's married (meaning you can't get him hand cream or things like that, as his wife already does, and it's odd if you buy that sort of thing). After much debate between the Mr Men - Mr Happy Mug and the tank up mug, we ended up getting the tank up mug, cause it's cooler. The fuel level indicator response to heat, the hot water inside the mug. And as mr health lives on coffee, and consumes the most coffee that of a person I've ever known it's perfect ^^. I also got him an Oxfam Unwrapped card, which is basically donate on behalf of the recipient of the card, as he'll like that, and we learnt about global health, and part of it is NGOs that help people worse off then us, though that's not hard. And the 3rd thing I got for him was spontaneous, Newton's Cradle (named cause of the swinging motion?). I was walking past a strip of shops and saw it in the window. Sadly it was the last one, the one on display hence no box. Why is it a good present? Because mr health is becoming mr hoh next yr (promotion, hoh is an acronym, he's not related to ms hoh), and he's head of the new house, which is called Newton. And overall being my fav lecturer he gets more pressies then the others ^^, plus it was too hard just to pick one.

Interestingly I found Newton's Cradle, the one I bought, on ebay US $107.27 O.O Unless it's made out real silver, no one will buy it. Way overpriced!
Edit: Found another one, same design for $40.

h. - Tea for mr eng. He often has a cup of tea with him, though doesn't drink it religiously as mr health does. I found out he likes green tea with lemon. T2 have 10+ green teas! Fortunately I was served by a very friendly and knowledgeable girl who knew what to recommend.

Mini Puddings

As for all the other staff who are nice to me, and I don't have a grudge against (e.g. mr maths who pretty much called me a thief) I'm making mini puddings ^. The base is a cookie, and on top is a marshmallow, coated in dark chocolate. White chocolate as the sauce, a m&m is the cherry on top, and as for the holly (I think it's meant to be holly? never seen a cherry leaf before...) we're going to use real mint leaves. Here's the recipe:

Makes 24.

200g white chocolate melts
24 Arnott's Royals Dark chocolate Cookies (x2 packs)
12 Jaffas/Red m&ms
Mint Leaves

1. Royals go on a tray, lined with baking paper
2. Melt choc melts in double boiler, then have the saucepan/bowl in a pot of boiling/hot water
3. Spoon it into a piping bag, apply over royal, allow to drip down the side to resemble custard flowing over the pudding
4. Stick a jaffa/red m&m + leaf on top
5. Leave to dry (faster in the fridge)

We're going to wrap it in clear cellophane, and use thank you stickers I made (wallpaper + words on repeat in word, printed in sticker paper) to seal it. Depending on size and how the wrapping goes each person gets 1-2 puddings.

Pictures coming in a week. Depending on stress/exam levels.

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