@ Friday, November 18, 2011

4/4. The boys' reaction: make animal sounds. Mainly dogs, nice to know I'm surrounded by carnies, and none of the cute little puppy types. I'm so happy! No more exams! - at least till next yr anyway. Cleared out most of the locker, and gave mr bm his present - will find out if he likes it in a few weeks. I'm free! So much to do e.g. read the rest of the Luxe series, watch too much tv, go dancing, finishing school for the next fortnight. Shopping.
Results arrive 7am 16th Dec via text. I'm pretty good with never finding out my results...

After the exam we went to Lentils for a vegan dinner. It's something different, a restaurant/cafe that says pay what you think the food is worth. A very small cafe, with brick walls, with some pictures, and those cool bows that you put on presents. Jas got a jap pancake and chia, while I got hot chocolate (no sugar, I'm making an effort to have less sugar) and a pumpkin curry (pumpkin, less flavourous curry, slightly soggy rice, rocket and 1/2 a piece of white toast). It was nice, a bit bland on flavours. Which sadly usually means there's nothing more to say. I was so excited about going, though the food was tad a bit disappointing. Pay how much you deem it worth? I'd say $20, with a tip for the concept, and interesting deco.  I'm going to have to agree with wltrrbls, he pretty much sums it up. Sadly they don't do dessert - but don't fret, we get onto that later. 

 After dinner, we went to St Kilda beach, the last stop in the bus. Walked to the end of the dock and around the beach. Being the genius I am I went too close to the water and a sudden wave got me, and my shoes and socks got sandy and wet :(. The beach was covered in trash, black seaweed and trash, not many shells other than the common ones. Though the find of the day was a clear red plastic gem. And there was a rainbow, or two.

At the beach we saw what looked like a cult, people dressed in white robes going around in a group. There was a man in black who went into the water, knee deep and knelt there. A bit later people in white robes went to him, one at a time. Fascinated we watched from afar, while a big group of country folk singers (that's what they looked like to us, with their overalls, straw hats and boggan-ish style of dress) some took pictures. The first lady who went in looked like she was going to a hug, but instead she lay down on his knee and the tide kinda washed over her. Then the next person went. Jas says they're Jehovah's witness's (a division of Christians) and were being batisized/enlightened.

Having wet and sandy shoes/socks I went to wash them, at those beach showers. Jas being jas presses one of the other buttons on the shower bar and I got wet, he apologizes, though does think it was hilarious. Before that we found a rubber toy spider washed a shore, he sticks it in my hair and I go schizo - at least he didn't stick in down my dress... After that we went to McD for dessert, sundaes and frappes (think Starbucks).

Mail ^^. A dvd box, but 4 stacked in height. Inside is a amazing fascinator. $6 (though $5 was for postage), won at an auction, with the buy now price of $32. No wonder this person is no longer selling on ebay. The thing about fascinators is that the cost of materials, skills and labour is almost equal to buying it. This is my first fascinator ^^, all the others in the past were rentals - as you aren't going to wear it more than two or three times. Lucy (my bff & bunny rabbit) likes it as it's her fav shade of pink, she could wear it as a fancy hat for a tea party. Picture not taken by me. A fascinator this pretty should have a name, I shall call it...

Mademoiselle de Rose
Pinks of all shades, ribbon flowers, bedding and a butterfly
with rose antlers and a single hot pink feather.

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