@ Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Wednesday we met with H, who I haven't seen since before mid-yrs, for dinner. In the afternoon we went to the city, starting with dessert, we bought macaroons from Lindt, H wanting hot chocolate I recommended KoKo, and then we went for a walk along the Yarra, till they started the flames.

Belgian Hot Chocolate 5.95 & Iced Chocolate 7.75

Koko Black. H had the hot one, and I had the iced. We both enjoyed the drinks. I loved the ice chocolate, but perhaps it was too chocolate-ty? We soon found out that chocolate + pizza = sick. Agreed we'd return in the future to try other offers.

Panned Pizza

Poutine with Gravy and Cheese & Half Margarita/BBQ Chicken

We enjoyed the poutine, but sadly like last time could not finish it. Perhaps it would be better if we had a choice of different sauces/dips for it? The pizza was better than it looked. Sadly it was better last time. Since then they have changed the base, to something crispy, hard and a tad bit chewy. Disappointing - that or we went on a bad day.

After dinner, being daylight/"spring/summer" and not feeling so well (H had only one slice, and we got the rest take away) from sometimes food overdose, we went for a walk, in the gardens and along the Yarra, while H told told stories of our younger days, of which I have little recollection of. One of the most interesting thing he spoke of was of a shy (or quiet) asian girl we knew, who rarely spoke, who went nuts O.o

Macaroons! I want these at our (not H & I btw) wedding. These are amazing, sadly they're $3 a piece. I recall a time when they were 2.20 and that was only last year! We have to learn how to make these one day. H had the 70% coco and I had the vanilla, they were fantastic. The only con is the price.

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