@ Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking etiquette classes this week ^^ (think Ladette to Lady), fascinating but at the same time exhausting - that or it's just me and my anemia... The Rule: no backpacks :(, my shoulder is sore from dragging a tote around. Why can't a lady wear a backpack? Just because it doesn't look as cool as a handbag...

Books are great, some better than others, but in a way it's not the same as taking classes, as there's no one there to identify what it is that you're doing wrong. Hence I'd recommend you get the books and take a course, as with the courses there will pretty much never be comprehensive notes - that fishing quote is good here. If you give notes, then it's like a free ebook to an extent - why buy it? Hence there aren't amazing notes, like in some books. I haven't read very many, but my favourite so far is 'L for Lady', though I do believe it is out of print, like the guy version 'G is for Gentleman'. Hence the price? $25 O.O fortunately I picked it up at 'Dirt Cheap Books' (books in a warehouse $4-ish each on average) a few years ago for $4.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, proved very true in this case. Fortunately it's a book cover, you can take it off to reveal an orange cover - much more appropriate if you're going to have it in your handbag.

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