@ Thursday, December 01, 2011

December... exam results on the 16th. Interviews. Lucy's B'day, and perhaps a picnic or two, and we might go to the beach. And the odd sale, on random stuff.

After a year and a bit I finally finished the Luxe, so sad it's over :( why couldn't there be more than 4 books?! The mean girl/antagonist got what was coming to her. One main girl lived happily ever after with the guy who always had a thing for her, and the other one ran off to Paris - as it within her personality-ish. The main guy ended with ms antagonist, was going to get a divorce but meh, since there wasn't much to fight about now that little miss Paris left. And the raising girl started a new beginning in a sense - wealthy w/o a name. She got what she deserved too - got dumped, though she and her sister became rich. I don't like her miss 2ndary antagonist, she pretty much used the old man who was good to her, and when he was sick and asked her to stay she didn't. I suppose I liked how it turned out, though I'd like to change one thing. Miss Paris rejected main guy when he proposed, he should have made her keep the ring as it was mean for her.

Book 1: Elizabeth Holland

Book 2: Penelope Hayes

Book 3: Diana Holland
(I'm told - though I thought this was Liz.)

Book 4: Caroline Broad aka Lina Broud
2ndary antagonist

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