@ Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't actually recall sleeping last night, the last thing I remember was something about dopamine... At six we went to the shops, arrived a bit before seven. There weren't many people there at all! First stop, BnT. I got the Little Red Riding Hood outfit! There was only two and they were hidden at the back, one was my sz and another was one sz up. I bought one of those, though realized when I got back (7pm) that the sales girl hadn't placed the hood in the bag! So we're going back to get it tomorrow. They also had the bee outfit on sale, plenty of them, though I don't believe horizontal stripes flatter anyone. The other one on sale was the fire woman, very nice material, but not my style - there was only one of those. Along with the riding hood outfit (which is very puffy and nice!) I got the only two witch accessory sets (hat on a headband, gloves, feather wand). :)

Next was Lush, though on the way I got distracted and ended up getting two necklaces from Lovisa. Waiting 2hrs for Lush to open! Everyone else was open at 7am, I got there a quarter to eight, and they ended up opening at 10am. There was a waiting line by then. The first girl to arrive, arrived at 6.30am! She wanted all the Snow Fairy stuff. I got bored, wandered off a bit and came across a random book stall  and they had "Easy Peasey - People Skills For Life" for $5.

The hands on the clock move slowly... As soon as they open the doors all the girls (or bored husbands, there purely to carry stuff and line up) rushed in, it was scary, like when Zara opened, rampage! There was a girl who bought $200+ worth of stuff! I know all the xmas stock is on sale, 50% off, yearly, but that's a lot... Though she was also getting stuff for her female relatives.  I managed to get all the stuff I wanted, except one sold out, prior to the sale.

Oroton was one of the most sought after brand (50% sales!) and they had very long lines. I got the umbrella, in chocolate! (though I need to exchange, due to broken zip on the cover), cuff links and nail polish (which I'm going to exchange/refund) as the colour isn't the same in person.

I find a great idea, my approach, to sales to know what you want. I made a list with pictures of the stuff, and it was very helpful. Also it helps to know your size, and the refund/exchange policy.

"Lil' Red Riding Hood" Outfit $30 (was $70)
x2 "Wicked Witch" Dress-Up Accessory Set $5 (was $15)

Oval Rudy surrounded by Diamantes Necklace
Diamante Evening Necklace

Brrrilliant Box (Whoosh Shower Jelly + Snow Globe soap)
$3 - $3.50 per 100g
Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub
Candy Mountain
Northern Lights Soap
Satsumo Santa
Three Gold Rings

signature O small umbrella - in chocolate! $25
cufflinks trademark
nail polish $10 (was $25)

After shopping we had Yum Cha at Shark Fin Inn for lunch. Too much prawns (I do love them), OJ, mocha and 3 desserts (egg tart, fruit/jelly, ice cream in dough and sesame seeds). I wouldn't recommend the last two, the tart is very nice. There were more desserts, but by this stage I've ate too much.

After lunch we went for round two shopping, though this time only at Oroton, where we got more umbrellas and a few other things. Got back then crashed. We have yet to see the xmas lights, maybe tomorrow night. 

Today's my bday, and as a part of it I got vouchers for a free sub (subway) $3 something from a bakery (closed) a cupcake from another bakery (closed) and a slushie. Sadly didn't end up getting any of them, though I'm hoping to convince the bakeries to let me use them tomorrow (the date states today only - but they weren't open!).

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