@ Friday, December 23, 2011

Little miss piggy is back, twice today. My unlucky day, more than once. They want me to do tomorrow morning, and I'd said I'll turn up if I feel like it :P. The misfortune of the day was seeing Sir Lean (yes that is her name, though she aint lean) we call her Leany. She's a little monster. So what exactly did she do? Summary: Slut/skank (wears a black bra under a see through white bf style shirt) thinks she's so hot when she's not (flat faced, slits for eyes), has some form of down syndrome or something like that, everyone's only nice to her cause they feel sorry for her (cries when we point this out - which we love doing of course), oh and she tried to steal my bf at the time. This was about 6+yrs ago, I was over it - till she turned up. 7860 miles away and she manages to find me. As for the bf, he's mine, and perhaps hers at some point, but we'll never know now that he's six feet under. And in a way, I'm disappointed to say that she wasn't involved in his "accident".

When you have an issue, there's two ways to resolve it:
1. bitch talk about it (confront them)
2. run.
I pretty much always confront them (just in case they don't know I have an issue with them) though in this case the bitch damn well I knows I hate her guts. But this time I didn't, as I was on the job, and it wouldn't have gone so well to have a show down there and then (lets take this outside). Plus she was with her foster mother (don't ask how I know). My flight fight respond: dive under the table, out the emergency exit, and try not to set off any alarms.

Great img.

Something completely random and unexpected: there was a teenage girl gave us amazing homemade cookies wrapped in clear cellophane, and tied with brown twine ^^. The cookies were peanut butter with m&ms, and chocolate chip. The last time I made cookies was 10+yrs ago XD.

After that unfortunate event we went to dinner, had fish cake noodle soup, the fish was great, other than that it was bland, flavourless. Next time we're getting McD. :P Along with dinner we had iced chocolate drinks ^^.

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