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Dessert, dinner, play. Things don't always turn out right... when someone decided not to be on time, and when it involved more than one person.

Arriving at 4.40pm, I made it ^^, with dessert, Pavlova still in one piece. We were meeting at 4.45. As time went by, I ordered a coffee, and at 5.45 I ordered take-away and was about to leave. One hour late, though he hasn't beaten the record (2.5hrs, including being on the train that not running during a storm). He calls, stuck in traffic and being late is simply in his nature, it's not the usually "he's just not into you (as a friend)", jas is well, just jas. Hence expected to be late, my tolerance is 15mins, though for him I'll make in thirty. Just as they finish my order (prawn dumplings) he calls, I ask what he wants and he either said chicken, or anything but chicken XD. I picked no.7 - I think, the crispy honey beef.

Peko Peko

Coffee 3.50

Fifteen minutes or so later I meet him at the Shrine. Wrong place, wrong time, he gets hit, while playing no part in the car accident, other than wrong time wrong place. Note: this wouldn't have happened if he was at Peko Peko like he was meant to be. Amazingly we make it on time to the play (40 minutes+ away), arriving alive and even managed to cram dinner. I didn't get any pictures due to time.

Crispy Honey Beef 12.50

Prawn Dumplings 4 for 8.00
Picture by Cherry

At the door we face an issue. I've always bought student tickets, as they didn't define it. But that night, the careers lady (who doesn't like me - we found lots of hobbies, but no job, back then) decided that we were adults - and I always (pretty much) bring exactly what we need to avoid buying random things or more food. She let us off this time.

The play was called 'Rat Trap', it's pretty much about a bunch of homeless kids living in an abandoned warehouse. The plot is a straight line - what plot? O.o though jas says that's the point, there isn't much they can do to change their situation. Oddly they didn't call for donations this time, as they did the last. It's odd seeing a play we did. We were better :P. The choreographing was different for the songs, and they did use a move we learnt (which we didn't use, and I swear was just for the bonding or to get us to get along with each other). It went for about an hour - it seems so much longer when you're in it.

There is a guy, Jerry who comes into the place tells the kids the landlord is not happy they're there, though it's implied he's not real. "Always close by, watching..." I recall mr director said the landlord is a giant rat that Jerry is meant to have (the 1st time they did the play, they borrowed the rat from a college that had it as a experiment).

Close the door, turn out the lights
the show is over for another night
the kids have all gone home
where ever home is tonight

In the downtown warehouse halls,
in the something holes in the walls
doing deals in dead end streets,
you know it just ain't right

It's a rat trap and that is that
nothing simpler and that's fact
and the fact still remains it's a crying shame
but who thinks of thinks of that

it's a rat trap and we all play the game, some lose and some remain
and the winners are the grinners
and the losers count for nothing
at the end of the day (everyone gets confused at this part)

After the play it was still daylight. We did it in winter, even before the play it was pitch black outside. Dessert ^^. Pavlova with double cream and strawberries, from Chokolait. It was lovely, might get it again. Jas on the other hand loved it, and did want to get two slices (rather than one massive one to share). I got one because that was recommended plus have fun trekking across the city with a handbag, tote, jacket and a bag that mustn't touch anything to ensure it's not damaged, and the cream doesn't go everywhere. Simply not possible. And with a car, well there's no parking anywhere near by, with the roads being small and dense with office workers and trams. 

Pavlova with double cream and strawberries, from Chokolait 10.00-ish
Here's a better picture.

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