@ Thursday, December 22, 2011

We have had macaroons! 12 mini (50c-ish sized) ones for $9 from Safeway (75c each). They were very nice, some more than others. I loved the yellow one, vanilla. Chocolate was alright. Didn't like the pink one, and didn't try the green one. Of course a supermarket brand can't compare to Lindt's ones, priced at $3 each. We're getting a tower them made for our wedding ^^. Here's some better reviews by the Greedy Pepper.

They were on sale (selling, not actual sale, cheaper than normal sale) on Wed, but by Tues midnight there were only six packs left! Oddly they're found beside the supermarket brand's desserts in the fridge area. Imported from France, though that isn't necessary, but great for marketing, as macaroons and French. Does it really matter where it's made, if it still tastes the same?

Would we get it again? Yes! though we'll make it a special treat, once a month-ish. 


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