@ Thursday, January 26, 2012

This week I have achieved almost nothing :( setting a daily goal would help. Need to get the police check and working with kids checks (forms, not a brain scan :P), wouldn't that later be part of the former anyway? My goal today is to get the picture taken (right after I stop by DJ's to get eye liner), and this time I'll get lots of them, it's sad how you can't just pick one picture and print it a million times. The booth takes about 10 pictures and you get to choose the 4 you like. It was $10-12 for 4 shots last time. The post office is never a good place, as they take one shot and it's a Polaroid style camera, it's getting printed whether you want it or not.

As college, or uni (as they call it here, completely odd and foreign) and work is starting again soon, the later nine days away (that's how long I have till I have to have done all the checks!) and the former being March-ish, we need to brainstorm breakfast ideas. Pancakes, fresh fruit and cream would be nice, but there's a 15min time limit before leaving. My fav idea is a muffin (make 100s and have them in the freezer), some pre-cut fruit (in a Tupperware contina) and an Up & Go. A liquid breakfast sounds a bit scary, and normally something people only have when being fed through a tube. It's scary, though not bad - I can taste the carbs! On the back it says "with the protein, energy and carbs of x2 weet-bix and milk". Will try it again though :), chocolate I hope. This time I had Vanilla Ice.

Up & Go by Sanitarium 

This week I finished a book I was reading. It was the one that I was reading before exams and during house meetings (which had a lot of waiting around for something unknown), Eat Pray Love. Such a disappointment. I liked parts of it, and hilarious character of Richard from Texas, but other than that it was way to spiritual for me. The book made a main character, a "wise" medicine man, Ketut Liyer famous, and I was reading a post where a British girl had her fortune told. Confirming that he is a con artist, though the funny thing is everyone gets the same fortune! Seriously?! If you're going to lie at least be good at it and create more than one "fortune".  Oh and he charges $30USD for this con job! I recall first reading about him in Jade Jaeger's autobiography, All That Shimmers (which I liked, and would read again) where she meets Ketut and establishes he's a scammer.

As a part of being more organized this yr, I'm going to start using a weekly menu planner, which means that every weekend we'll figure out breakfasts, snacks and lunch. Is it really possible to make 3+ meals a day? I don't think it's really realistic, so the plan is that a. we make more for dinner, and take "left-overs" as lunch or b. have the same lunch two days in a row. 

It's not fancy, but is one of those rare things that doesn't need to be.
Click here to download it, as a template for excel.

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