@ Thursday, February 09, 2012

Free $50 Mimco voucher when you buy March issue of Marie Claire ($8.40)
No min. spend. T & Cs

What $50 can get you at Mimco...

Fortune Long Stem Umbrellas $60
It's more than $50, but you'll just pay $10.

Charms... $50
... for your phone/necklace/bracelet?
Probably not the best idea ever to spend $50 $8.40 on a part of a bracelet though :P
But they do have a nice shiny gold button...

Lipstick and Lip Gloss Gift Pack $50
Heard it's great, doesn't come off when you eat, but needs the 1st hr to dry. (1st opinion) Called another store for 2nd opinion, and they say it dries faster than that, and recommend using a lip pencil under it.

Body Wash and Body Lotion $50
There's 2 scents, one is Gardenia.  

Mesh Carry All Bags $45
3 Assorted Mesh Bags, perfect for your bags.

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