@ Monday, February 13, 2012

I hate V-day... it's just a commercial "holiday" that people use to sell teddy bears, chocolates (I like Lindt's Lindor Balls, Cookies 'n' Cream ;) and roses for $30 each. And then there's the potential stalkers, buying flowers and having them delivered to your office (this happened last yr, still don't know who sent them) and then the boys start asking who sent them and all the dramas that follow. Do we really need a day to celebrate love? Surely you buy your partner flowers and chocolates all year round. We don't need a single awareness day (and that's not coming from a single person, long-distance r'ship, it's complicated).

To even heighten the awks of yet again spending another feb 14th forever alone, a variety of places offer 2-for-1 deals. But the good news is, if you aren't doing anything tomorrow you could have an anti-v'day where you take advantages of the 2-for-1 deals ;). 

For the future Shakespeares...
2. Custom Picture Postcard Delivered Worldwide (3 weeks delivery to Paris)

For the Foodies...

If you're going for dinner in Melb/Syd CBD, there's Free Parking between 6pm-Midnight

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