Pink Nail Polish & Green Ties @ Monday, April 16, 2012

Referees... I need three for a volunteer job, a one off yearly event with the RSCPA. 3hrs later and I had 2/3 referees, ms hoh (whom I'm pretty sure said yes due to a implied obligation - I completely understand if she said no, due to her involvement with the pen issue - but I do forgive her for that, as she was extra nice to me after that event) and no. 2 was mr bm. No.3 is hopefully Hector, he "said" no comment last time, but I'll ask again. Completely forgot that he was away in cross country today, so we missed him.  

Half way to the college I stopped at DSE, to pick up the Glee Concert DVD for $5. If you're going to buy it from DSE, do check that they have actually unlocked the box :P I like Glee, have missed only a few episodes (due to classes) though absolutely passionately hate their seem song. It was the background to some traumatic that happened.

Mail! Haven't received any mail for a while. But today a package from Aly was delivered :) A Natio gift pack containing cleansers, creams, lip gloss and... nail polish! I do like nail polish :) though not particularly fond of painting my nails (unlike Emily (formerly known as Kimiko) who does them daily). I also have this issue where I like to sit on my hands and then the polish dries with a pattern or gets a scratch/dent in it.

Pictures by Aly

Natio Nail Colour - Fizz

It's a nice colour, though being a collector-ish of NP (though I do try not to buy np as I have 50+ bottles from an inheritance) I don't have this colour. As my style isn't pastels, I'm more of a Russian red or royal blue on an artist's palette. Fizz is a very light pink, but w/o being a nude colour. It's not in your face like red or black, so it's perfect for work.

The other night, I was in an organizing mood, and took out everything in my hanging wardrobe, cleaned it and then put it all back in (with the exception of the summer pieces moving to storage and stuff I never wore). I once read that you only wear 20% of your clothes, and I think that might be the case for me. e.g. I haven't worn a time in 6 months! And have an entire rack of them. Why don't I wear them? Because I don't actually have any shirts, work shirts, as all of them were sent to the tailor for some work and the entire package (with all my shirts) were lost! And so after I buy a shirt, we're going to do 'Thursday Ties' or maybe Tuesday...

We all know that if I went to Hogwarts I'd be in Slytherin ;) 
- still looking for the perfect HP tie -

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