Brunch @ Little Cupcakes @ Saturday, May 19, 2012

The rest of the week was less fun, in a way, a way that said there were two major projects due. On Monday it was a horrible rainy day, but I did get to wear my winter coat and use my umbrella ^^. I arrived early to class and went for brunch, at Little Cupcakes. Every single cupcake I've had from there was amazing, and that being said I had high expectations. The interior isn't modern, or old, but a place of it's own time, with a cozy fell. It's more of a take away place, as it seats 6 (inside) at the most.

I ordered the Cookies 'n' Cream (forgot about the china made issue till the end), amazing as expected, a moist soft fluffy cupcake with a swirl of cream cheese speckled with crushed cookies. Though it was not the same story with the mocha.

We have picture of the month!

The mocha, in presentation was quite similar to the Veranda Cafe (a street and tram ride away), but in taste it was less than decent. While I did not taste a powder, it was no comparison to their delicious cupcakes. It was watery, that's the only way to describe it. And for $5, add about a dollar and you can get an amazing chocolaty hot chocolate from Lindt, or if you prefer creamy over chocolaty, visit Koko Black.

Encouraged by the absolutely stunning picture of the cupcake, I ended up taking about 50 pictures (and a total of more than 150 for the week). A tip is to look at an item (I'm best at taking pictures of items, not people or landscape) at different angles, and not just front on. I got about 30 shots front on of the glass above, and then went birds eye view, which produced a blogs-worthy picture.

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