How honest is too honest? @ Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Q: How honest is too honest?
A: When you just told a complete stranger you like their outfit - except the shoes.

On commenting on outfits, only your friends can do that, and they're doing it for the better good. But when a stranger says it it's just odd. Especially when the stranger is an adult. FYI I have feet issues and am incapable of wearing heels anytime other that during photoshoots. My feet also start hurting after standing for a few minutes. And there are only two style of shoes in existence that I can wear, and they both look like school shoes. I like looking at shoes, though I do not google it, I still think some should be in a shoe gallery.

Feeling positively depressed. Had a talk with the coordinator lady (yes it was her who comment on the shoes), she pretty much directed me to other services, other than weekly emails to see how I'm going with the work, and said I was full of excuses (heard this one many times :P) and said I should suck it up, as I haven't got cancer. O.o That mightn't be true, I know I'm dying (bits of my hair are turning blonde) and I get exhausted on the way to class (2hrs trip), I also have 18hr sleeps, when the normal person does 8hrs. Plus in my self-absorbed world that's not relevant.

So many problems... So much work due, everyday. Stressing so much you can see it (allergies go insane, with the weak immune system). Gum infections, and computer systems down statewide. I'm an expert on 'if you can't make it, fake it', and when I do ask for help it makes me look bad, as no one else ever needs help. Plus no one has time for me. That and I don't know exactly what it is that I need help with, other than everything. And that makes people very upset. I am not a self-learner, so giving me a project that we haven't covered usually ends up with me making up something slightly relevant and getting one mark over the fail line. Sometimes and more often I wish I could just sleep forever. Though I often have nightmares, awake (a visual perception + insanely tired, I'm think) and asleep, they rarely involve work due, or questions that I don't have the answer to. 

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