Last Week of June and Comic-con @ Saturday, June 30, 2012

My first convention where I'm not going to eat all the food or take a milion pictures, is on tomorrow. Well it's actually on for the weekend, but my shift is tomorrow.  Haven't blogged much this week as I spent it mostly asleep and at various appointements, watching Korra, and working on a few pre-posts, as I've got finishing school coming up next week and still need to shop/pack. Made macarons, spent a couple of hours sifting it. They turned out to be flat chewy almond cookies... 

On Friday we spent a small part of the afternoon tearing up tickets, as they're printed on strips of paper which are all connected and for miles, for the main part we did showbags. Organization fail, we had to relocate twice (first we were in the booths area, and other people were there setting that up), so the plan was to go through a bunch of boxes, stop at each one and pick up an ad, repeat x10, and end up with back issues. Fortunately the majority of us didn't go with that, and had a person in front of each box, so that when we passed by each person we picked up an ad, like checkpoints. Once you were bored you could swap with the peeps on the floor folding A3 ninja turtle posters. There were about 25k showbags to fill. And most will be thrown out, as it's just a bag of ads. The only thing worth looking at is the program/maps.

The Production Line

The event is the comic convention, "the ultimate pop-culture and fan expo, featuring multi-genre content from across the spectrum; from film and television stars to comic book and anime artists, gaming demonstrations and cosplay competitions, to portfolio reviews and creative workshops and master classes."  I know nothing about comics, apparently it's the geek/nerd event of the year O.o I remember there was a boy who loves Star Trek and all this comic stuff, didn't have any friends, and talked to himself, who ended up being homeschooled because they all picked him. That's the only slightly related thing I know about comics, other than it's related to the CN show, Justice League.

Spiderman is missing?

Saturday was the first day of the event, and people started lining up at 4am O.O, it's cold... and the sun doesn't even rise till about 7.30am. The lines were long and went up to 1/4 of a mile outside too. People who got there at 7am were still there at 11am. Where the scanners down? In the end only the pre-paid people could get in, so the people who bought their ticket on the day didn't get in, because there was more people then expected, an it appears an unlimited number of tickets were sold. Capacity issue. Pictures.

For those working at the event, we got a weekend pass plastic bracelet thing, that you can't take off till after the event. Not sure why we really need it, but to get into the event you do need it, why don't other events have it? Here's a map and list of the vendors. When setting up I saw a lot of plushies ^^, those health/energy? mushrooms from Mario, pokemon plushies and star cushions. Very excited about checking those out tomorrow afternoon.

There will be dress-ups! I'm not really dressing up though, it's too cold, plus I really do have no relevant outfits to wear, not being into comics and all. Might wear my little red riding outfit, though the chance of me taking my coat off is relatively low, unless it's summer in there. Looking fowards to checking out all the other outfits. :)

Spellcheck is still down. :(

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