One Random Monday @ Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday morning I watched the first episode of Legend of Korra, which is it 'Werid Sister College' set after 'The Worst Witch'. Korra is set 70yrs after the end of the first series(?), and Anng is dead... Katara is the only old charater left. Anng and Katara got together and had 3 kids, the youngest of those kids, Tenzin, 51, is the airbending master (in only one), as in the first series Anng was the only airbender left, and so all airbenders would be his decendents. Korra is the main character now that Anng is gone, she's the next avatar.

Everyone's dead... the charaters from the first series, except Katara 85 and a grandma (she has 3 kids with Anng, and the youngest is Tenzin, who has 4 kids). Sokka didn't have any kids and died. Anng/Katara has 3, a waterbender, a non-bender, and Tenzin, airbender. Even though everyone's dead, their progress since the last series will be discussed, and I think they will be flashbacks.  There's a mini-Anng! Meelo is grandson looks like a mini-me version of him - almost :P.

Here's the link for the first episode.

After breakfast we did some errands, and stopped by Priceline to pick up some crayons I reserved (always call and resvere, because they mightn't have any in stock) and scored the last one. :) I love Clinque's Chubby Sticks and have ordered one from Sephora ($16), but here as people earn more, they must pay more. It's $35 here. But Face of Australia has made a dupe, their Sheer Gloss Crayons, pack of 3 for $15. Everyone in the beauty blogger world has been talking about them. Here's a review/comparison of the two, I'm not going to do one, as everyone else has, and it's adequate. As someone suggested, I *think* they're limited edition.

Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Crayons
3 for $15

On my way to the station I discovereed the location of Cake World! I was wondering where it was... the CW from the ourdeal thing I bought. We discovered why they said "subject to avaliablity", it's because they have a set of 15 cakes, and once a cake is sold, another one gets delivered from the warehouse. So there's only one of each cake on display/for sale. They open at 9am, so do call to reserve. But it got me thinking, as the location sucks (it's in a walkway, and not like the Royal Acarde) that cake you bought could have been from last week... They don't have a website, but I found pictures

They all look so good. Green looks interesting, something jas would potentially like. I hate redbean though. So the 3 I like most are: Mocha, Durian and Black Forest. Getting two, Durian is definately a pick. Now it's between mocha and bk forest, though I'm learning more towards mocha, knowing that bk forest cherries are of the canned variety. Fruit is in the picture because it looks amazing - though it's just vanilla and half the fruit used is canned. Mocha or bk forest, which to choose?

Emma doesn't like tomato & onion.

She also likes to feed the white bits of the lettuce to the seagulls... We had a lunch at Hungry Jack's, met up with Emma on her lunch break, we both tried out Hungry Jack's new Tendergrill Chicken Burger/Wrap for $1 (print this). I had the wrap, she had the burger, but somehow I forgot to get pictures of the wrap... but got a picture of her burger. :P Great for $1, but the chicken was bland and not worth $6. I prefer the $2.50 crispy chicken wraps at McDonalds. Btw do you have your pictures before or after the referencing text? I tend to go under, except when I need a picture to break up a slab of text. ;)

Stripe Peplum Shirt $30 - Portmans

After lunch I stopped by Portmans on my way to a meeting on the other side of town, and bought an amazing shirt. I had planned to check out this shirt, it doesn't look like the picture, the bow is loppy and just sad. Just a shirt nothing special. But I stumbled upon this shirt, in my size it was nothing special, but two sizes smaller, and it was amazing. Like in the picture I looked like I had a waist. Normally I don't as I'm always wearing long winter coats, and many layers.

Had a meeting, picked up something for a friend, then went to the library. Crashed. Fortunately I had set an alarm, and made it on time to see the crash. Timetabling opened at 5pm and it started lagging and then all the computers froze. IT quicked fixed the issue, and by 5.07pm I had picked all my subject times and been in the first one for each subject. :) Now I just have to go to all the classes to confirm lectuers/tutors. On the way home I bought some stuff for the macrons I'll be making another day.

Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb

At the post office early that day, I recieved a package, wrapped in brown paper, tied with string and then wrapped again in an excessive amount of clear tape XD the tape covered the entire package, guess the person wanted to make sure it couldn't get wet. :P It turned out to be a letter and gift from le beau, who says he coming to visit and staying for an entire two week :) (he works in the country, but spends 3/4 weekends in the city with me). The gift was Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, which is an amazing but very $$$ perfume. How I know that's what I like, considering I don't have a bottle already, I don't know, and doubt I'll ever will.

Spellcheck is down. :(

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