Economics and Pizza @ Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Post on the food/wine expo coming up soon - as soon as mr photography emails me the pictures :P Fortunately to say the likelihood of getting them is med/high, as it was taken with a DSLR, imgs to be transfered through the computer, hence no one complains about mms-ing costs, though laziness hasn't been factored in...

I had my first June exam today. Economics, it was... ok I admit there were Qs were I tried to guess an answer. The location was easier to get to than uni - unless it's wet and windy. Why is there a Pie in the Sky? Or more importantly: Why is there a Pie in the Sky, one where I'll never see the top of?!

Managed to make it out of the exam alive, ended better than the day started. Had a panic attack before the exam on the issue not related to the exam. Apparently we weren't meant to bring bags... This is a moment where being jas would be awesome, he never carries stuff around, unlike me with my suitcase and survival kit. The only thing he has on him is an American Express, and hence no bag issue. The issue was that I refused to part with my bag and in the end security had to look after it. After what happened last year (girls when through my blazer to steal my stuff, event of the year - seriously I left the room for two minutes ffs!) there is no way I'm leaving my stuff where I can't see it. What I need is the Doberman Personal Alarm with Bag Protector.

After the exam we went for pizza, and before. Before the exam I had a slice of Tandoori from Pepperoni's on Elizabeth St, it was ok, limp base, not enough crunch. The best Tandoori I've had was at Crust. And if you do the maths, $2.50 a slice, a full pizza works out to be $20 anyway. After the exam we went to my favourite pizza place, Panned Pizza, near Melbourne Central. I believe they're one of the 'gourmet' pizza bars, but don't call themselves that, nor charge $20+ for a pizza.  Today we had the BBQ Chicken and the new Peri Peri Chicken. Loved the BBQ as always, highly recommend, though the Peri Peri was so-so.

It's so amazing that we had to have another photo. :P

Blogger Sue said... on June 8, 2012 at 9:13 PM  

Ooohhh yum where is this pizza place you speak of! I must find it! I hardly ever eat pizza out and now I'm kind of craving it cos it looks so cheesy and good!!!
Also good luck for your exams :)

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on June 8, 2012 at 9:42 PM  

Hi Sue,
It's Panned Pizza, near Melbourne Central. 234 Russell Street, opposite China Bar, and to the left of a Pho place.

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