Project Keep Calm - Frames @ Saturday, June 09, 2012

Project Keep Calm

Part 2. On Thursday afternoon I went to check out photo frames. A good place to go is to the Reject store or $2+ store first, though don't go to those random asian stores, there are no bargains for picture frames there. At the moment with June sales there are couples places to get frames. Big W has two types of frames, both for $5 and they come in about four sizes, one design is birch, that wooden look and feel, comes in oak(cream)/black/white. Here's a picture. The other design is just a layer mahogany look, boring, but suits certificates. Big W also has those lovely ornate ones in bk/w for around $15, for a special occasion I'd get that, but as I planned on buying quite a few it was too $$.

The best place to get frames would be Target, they have a very large range, though their ornate design is well... ugly. But all their frames except the electronic ones, are 50% off. I decided I like their Club Collection, and it was perfect for the project, a simple design with a focus on the picture. As always it came in a range of sizes, we went to two stores (the 3rd on Monday :P) and bought nine frames for $27. They're normally $6. From one store we got three white frames, but as they've been on storage for years? they're dusty on the inside - so do check if that dust is on the box or frame before purchase. We had to exchange two and there was attitude from Ester, she was pretty much 'take it or leave it, they all look like that'. No they don't.

Friday, we went to another Target, they didn't have white, but that's fine. Because they had black! :) A very helpful SA, David, helped open and check all their frames, about eleven of them. We ended up with six perfect black frames. I personally prefer the black frames, as it seems to highlight the colours in the image - but that could be just me. The frames fit the standard 8x6".

Note that with the link from the last post the pictures are only of print quality for the smallest size, the standard 8x6", if you want to print it bigger you need to increase the picture quality with photoshop. When printing pictures don't forget to pick matte, it's less shiny, and doesn't end up having your fingerprints all over it. 

One last test shot. Not sure where I got this frame from, as I've had it for a while. Love the lighting.

The card that's used in the frames for the test is from Typo, they have a small range for $5 each, but do update it once in a while. Also try their DFO store, cards there go for 50c, called today and they have three different ones at the moment, but nothing interesting. It might just be easier to print your own ones. 

One last picture of the frame. :P

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