Lush - Igloo Sugar Scrub @ Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another review for a Lush limited/Xmas collection product that I got around to using half a year after purchase :P. Lush's Australian Igloo Sugar, interestingly it does not snow in the land down under - except up on the mountains. But there are ice restaurants/hotels around.

The igloo smells nice "Siberian pine, sandalwood and eucalyptus", but nothing special, unlike Snow Fairy *swoons*. Though it may be because I'm kept it for too long....

To use it you break off a little bit and add water and combined. Lush doesn't say if it's for body, face or feet, but it's quite rough/harsh and so I only use it on my feet. Even though on the site it says "made with lots of fine sugar, so you can
gently scrub your skin".  

Will I buy it again? No, it wasn't anything special. Plus the form wasn't practical, it would be better if it came as small sugar cube. And then it could be renamed 'Ice Cubes' :P. Perhaps try once and see for yourself, on boxing day they have 50% off their Xmas stock. Unfortunately that's the only time they have sales, as if you have too many sales the value of your products will decrease, as seen with LV and other lux brands, sales are rare.

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