Running after Rabbits @ Saturday, July 21, 2012

This week I took about 40 pictures, as I only went out once, for an exam. Most pictures were bad... my mini isn't designed for night shots, especially shots in sport mode with me running around chasing rabbits, and nearly getting hit by a blue car. :P Had my marketing exam yesterday, wrote 11/12 pages. One of the questions was O.o because it was a paragraph answer, not three page (we're told to write 2pgs per question), a trick Q.

It was almost dark by the time I finished, and with the exam location being in the very outer suburbs (V-line) I got lost... I saw a little brown rabbit with upright ears, chased it and then saw another and another. It was dark (with no lights in the area) so at first I thought it was a rock - but then it moved! I saw at least 12 bunny rabbits. I've never seen a rabbit in the wild before, unless you count my math tutor's neighbour's bogan styled yard. After a while I was lost, and had to call security to escort me to the station, good thing I had security in my phonebook. :P Didn't get any pictures of the bunnies, but I came across this... 

It could be that I haven't been out in a while, but I noticed there are cops everywhere yesterday. On the train and at most of the station (though it could be because of that line?) there are rarely cops on our line, and only only for the football finals. There was one at parliament house, and a few hanging out on the street. jas says it's because it's the opening night of dark knight, but they're everywhere, not just at the movies. But there was a shooting in Colorado at the movie screening.

Emily and I were going to meet for lunch but as she was late and I had to go so we did dinner instead with Fernando and jas, who I was surprised turned up, as he failed to make a booking. For lunch I was going to have Tandoori pizza, but they refused to serve me (the guy was nice though) because it was a bar and you have to have ID just to be there, but since it was lunch there were no bouncers. I have a drivers licence, but I don't know where it is as I don't/can't drive here. There's just something very wrong about driving on the other side of the road. Carrying around my passport/visa is awks if I loose it. But I found out you can buy ID for $55 from KeyPass.

For dinner we went to Red Pepper, an Indian place near Parliament, and oddly we all ended up ordering the same thing: butter chicken! I like it, might return, but I think I prefer the Classic Curry Company's version. Drinks, Emily, Fernando and jas ordered bottles of lemon lime bitters, while I picked Mango Lassi - which was great, even if jas didn't like it. It was thick and not too sweet. The butter chicken was very mild, almost hot, and so a drink was essential to soothe your burning taste buds. ;) Inside it was quite loud, with people waiting for tables, and a very popular place. Good for a dinner with friends, but not so much for a date or nice quiet place.

a. Butter Chicken (13.90) b. Drinks: Mango Lassi & LLBs (4.00)
c. Naan d. Rice & Naan

Red Pepper does Indian food, complete with Indian desserts, and so we decided to go for Koko for desserts, but did not realize they close around 6-7pm. My idea was to buy candy from Suga and sprinkle it on soft serves, Emily had a better idea. And so we went to Coles and after much silent voting on cookies 'n' cream vs the mint version, we bought a six pack of Magnum, Vanilla & Cookies 'n' Cream. We were going to go to the library, but thanks to a group of certain people (you kids who we caught graffting the other week) the building closes at 6pm, you can leave after 6pm, but not enter. And even if you do get in, the lift won't work. An hour after we bought the ice cream we finally picked a place to sit by the Yarra, and it was 10pm. 

That concludes the most interesting day of my week, as the earlier part of it was spent a. asleep b. studying. Going to take for my bag post, and perhaps create a ruffled tie tutorial. Weekends are great for natural lighting photos, which on my blog are rare. I know it's a bit doom & gloom, but I decided that I will be doing a post on bullying.   

Blogger Krissy said... on July 30, 2012 at 3:39 PM  

Hey! Do you go to Vic Uni? That picture with the trees and the lights looks so familiar - I went to the St Albans campus and recognise it somewhat! :)

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on July 30, 2012 at 5:37 PM  

Yes, it's the only uni that does Events. ;) Did you see a lot of bunnies when you were there? :P

Blogger Krissy said... on July 31, 2012 at 9:19 AM  

Yes I always saw bunnies there!! Especially when it was really quiet in the late afternoon.
I actually started off doing music industry/event management at vic uni (in footscray) and had to do all those business subjects, ugh I hated them! I ended up transferring to psychology haha

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on July 31, 2012 at 8:56 PM  

I've only been there for exams, next round I'll bring my DSLR. Last round it was very dark by the time I finished.

Psych sounds fun (minus the research methods stuff), not too fond of certain business cores (economics) either, but I suppose things like Info Systems (with MS 07) will help you in your career. :)

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