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It's been a very long week, and I've been going to bed before 11pm, which is a first, for this year anyway. 10-4 classes, and I'm managed to stay awake in all of them and only been late twice (transport issue and allergic reaction). This week I'm at finishing school, which has improved a lot since last time. Two of the subjects are wardrobe and hair, and the class is ran by Colette, who's a stylist and tv presenter (she always looks perfect), she's good and very helpful. We ran out of time, so I missed the hair part, and for the wardrobe part we rushed it. But we I'm seeing her next week, so I'll ask her to go over that again. Last time I did the course I don't think she was the one who ran it, and we just did a lot of reading from the book. Not sure if she's got a website, but I'll ask.

Here's a past post about the finishing course.

I once read "the more you're writing about it, the less time you spend doing..." it could be possibly true. I'm a writer not a talker, I need a moment to compose a sentence and perhaps reword it before I click 'post'.This week's been a real challenge, socially. On average I talk to about 5 people a day (we're not including anything that can't talk, according to the average person :P): train barrier guard, bus driver, the subject tutor, Emma, perhaps one random person, and Fernando (chat buddy, who I do know irl). I have friends, but communication levels are low, with everyone being at a different colleges leading separate lives. In class I have one friend, Emma, who's only in one of my classes. Events is an social as I get, talking to strangers. This week was spent in a classroom where we had class discussions, something I haven't done for quite sometime (I got exempted for group work for uni).   

It says talking, not writing :P

We have eleven pictures, that are post-worthy this week. Took over 50 pictures as always :P though I always take several shots of the same thing.

Last Friday we arrived early at work, and nearby was Spencer St DFO, Emma wanted to stop Starbucks, but got distracted by Cosmetics Fragrance Direct, (at all the DFO) and got some MOR stuff, while waiting for her I came upon a mini Burt's Bees sale, gift packs and sets, everything $20>. I bought the Mixed Bee Keeper lip balm set ($6) that came in a lovely tin, which containing 4 balms: two original Beeswax Lip Balms, a Pomegranate and Honey.  

Afterwards we had time for one more stop, Typo. They have cards! A 5 for $5 table. Emma bought "bondage" tape, for her craft projects, which was very pretty. She got the scissors one, white lace and the red one, which I can't find a picture of. Meanwhile I found some nice cards, two from the handmade simplicity range, a "I *heart*" one, a Ozzy Osbourne quote card in quirky fonts, and a "Keep Calm" card. I took pictures, but couldn't decided which to post...

Fast forward to Monday, and I made it to class just in time as I was distracted at the station by...
...free paint samples! The lovely girl gave me a sample of all the colours they offered. :)

Tuesday Afternoon Snack $2
Breadtop - nice food, no service, as usual.
Possibly racist (hires only asians) and sexist (boys in the kitchen, girls out front).
Like McD service is the same at every location, unlike McD with their great service, BT has no service.

Mail! Not sure if it arrived on Mon or Tues.
I think it's more avocado than grass or perhaps Granny Smith. :P

Wednesday - 4th July

Wednesday Lunch - Peko Peko $12.50
Love their honey chicken, this is one of my favourite places.

Wednesday was the 4th of July (Independence Day), and le beau, being in the city for the holidays (he works/lives in the country on weekdays), I went to his place and for dinner. We made mini burgers, baked shoe string fries. Earlier in the week he found the little flags in a party shop. His lovely sister, Lily, had made a punch with red, white and blue fruits. Strawberries (a rare & $$ find during winter), apple stars, and blueberries; just for me :).  We made caramel popcorn for dessert, and watched the Music Man.  

Edit: It was orginally planned for lunch, but I had class so we had dinner instead.
*Ignore the caption*


Thursday Afternoon Snack $2
With the rising costs of life often the price of sushi is closer to $3 than $2, we were surprised to find that all the sushi was $2, and it was a daily offer, not just a "1hr to closing time sale". The range offered was large and we had difficulty choosing, but ended up with the California roll and tempura fish roll. The California roll was very nice, the rice was soft, fluffy and fresh. Slightly disturbing that the crab stick is just crab-flavoured minced fish and colouring. The tempura fish wasn't as good. This place is at 260 Lonsdale St, near Forever New @ Melb Central, it's between that and 7 Eleven, but there's two sushi places between the two, it's the one closer to 7 Eleven.

Passed Diva and bought this for $3. Though we're getting an exchange/refund due to faulty chain.
*Note - Looks better than in this photo.*


Friday Dinner - Mad Mex
On Thu/Fri, Mad Mex had a opening special at Southern Cross, burritos for $5 (normally $8). A soft flour tortilla w/black beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, sour cream with your choice of filing (meat, 5 choices) and salsa (5 choices). I got the chicken and tomato salsa, the guy stuffed up my order, I said no beans, which he heard as no rice... Because I didn't pay full price I didn't say anything. It was nice, very filling, but not something I'd get again. Though I'd like to try their nanchos and tortilla chips. 

Everyone's loving these mini pocket watches, they go for $10-$30, $19 on Groupon, 150 bought so far *sigh*. These are a one use item, the battery lasts for a few months, and you can't replace it. Hence buy one at a time. Such a scam, it says they're "worth" $70 each. No they're not. I bought one for $5 from ebay, they're worth $5. Note that if you're ebaying for one, follow auctions, not the 'buy now' listings. They had them for $20 at the expo on Sunday, but stuff at expos are generally inflated.  Note: These are the mini ones, about the size of a 20c coin, on necklaces.

Blogger sarayh said... on July 8, 2012 at 9:53 AM  

Oh I didn't realise those watches were one use only! Good thing I didn't buy one. I bought husband a pocketwatch for our wedding but it's a proper wind-up one that you have to shake. Not sure about changing the battery though might have to check about that!

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on July 8, 2012 at 2:01 PM  

We bought it to a jeweler and they couldn't figure out how to get it opened, and declared it's a one use product. But for $5 it does last quite a while, my first one lasted 10 months, the 2nd four months.

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