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- Tights aren't Pants
- Is it cold in here, or is it just me?
- The week where I get picked on by girls 10yrs younger than me

This week I took...258 pictures (in total)
001 picture has a person in it

140 pictures of food - total
078 pictures of cupcakes
018 pictures of sushi
018 pictures of books

It's been another long week, psychologically exhausting, listing to all that "eurotrash", no one get upset, it doesn't refer to people, it's refers to modern music, the majority that makes up radio playlists, that are popular with teenagers. The second and final week of an all girls finishing/modeling course, why can't I be in the boys class again? :P I'm so glad it's over, I can't take another week of being surrounded by those girls.


In class we learnt turns (catwalk) and posing. Half the girls from last week left, and then there were seven. Two girls from my group, 3 from the other younger group and a new girl. Like with school, most of the time, you're here for the classes, not the kids around you, and this week was just that. Here's a picture of the catwalk (it's longer than it looks irl).

After class we met up with Emily for ice cream, and a trip to Clegs for supplies for a ruffled tie I'm making. We went to the gallery afterwards, fountain outside featured above. 

The Marriage of Figaro
Fiagaro & Susanna

Freud soon arrived, and Emily went home, as she didn't feel like hanging around for dinner. Freud and I went to an Opera Discovery (info session) for 'The Marriage of Figaro' an Opera by Mozart. The pianist spoke about it, the story, history and all, and we were given previews - in French. It was very good, and I want to see it. We were also given discounts for the tickets, to the actual performance, $50 tickets for A reserve.

Tickets from Arts Victoria 

Afterwards we went for dinner, TA from the Classic Curry Company. For those who are using journey planner to get there - don't. JP lead as around the back alley way, late at night. It's on Liz. st, take the tram from stop 1 liz st and get off at Vic Market. On our way there we walked past a beautiful Parisian themed shop, Madame Pompadour and a doll house shop.

Take-away ain't particularly photogenic - most of the time.

We went for their butter chicken, for a rectangular typical sized take-away box it's 10.00, half curry, half rice. Or you can opt for their other size for 12.50, a rectangular box of rice and a round TA container of butter chicken. Seeing as the rice was going to get soggy we got the bigger size. There are 2 ways to make butter chicken a. bottled paste/sauce b. from scratch. The CCC uses canned tomato sauce, and the sauce is quite acidic, and requires a lot of rice to go with it. I enjoyed it and will be back, if in town, but wouldn't make a trip just for butter chicken. It was nice, but not the best I've had.

A View from the Bridge.

We have cake! This is the Durian cake from that Our Deal offer from Cake World I mentioned a few weeks ago. Please note that it's one pound, unlike the picture above - it was half eaten when the camera and I arrived home. The cake was fresh and wonderful, real Durian was used. Great at $14, though questionable in size at $28. But if you can't stand the smell of Durian it's not for you. ;)


On Tuesday I took an earlier train, to stop at the shops before class, only to discover that Melb Central doesn't actually open till 10am. But Cupcake Central was open ;) and so I bought two minis, Carrot and White Choc & Raspberry. They were nice, ranked higher than Cupcake Bakery with their pre-mixed cupcakes, but below Melbourne's Best Cupcakes, Little Cupcakes on Degraves. I preferred white choc / rasp over carrot.

80 pictures were taken, I have picked the best 5 and there will be a picture post coming up.

Wednesday - Part 1

As always the girls were mean to be in that way that girls can be. Read: Bitches. 4/6 of them were bitches, one ignored me, and the new girl was nice. Here's the sad part, the head bitch is 14yrs old, ten years younger than me. The height of bitchiness does not peak till around 16-17. For some/most(?) girls, they evolve, but some never will e.g. my last netball coaches I never turned up because of them. :P

Someone said they're being bitches to me because I intimidate then and make then feel inadequate. O.o Which I find slightly strange as I have no interest in modelling, I'm taking this course as a hobby-ish thing, I'm also double their size for 3/4 of the girls. I'm not competing against them. Maybe they hate me because I'm not like them, I have no interest in sitting around gossiping, shoes don't interest me, I don't dress like a slut and firmly believe tights aren't pants. This isn't the first time girls are bitches to me, that occurred throughout my school life, all 14yrs of it.

Tuesday lunch, I was sitting in the lunch room (away from those girls, who were in the other room) and the two youngest, 14yr olds come in and say stuff, wasn't paying attention, as I just ignored them. An interesting thing, one day head bitch was away, and no one really talked to me. Her 14yr best friend included. :P I've encountered a lot of girls like them, and I honestly don't give a shit what they say/think. Between the two of them there were at least 4 dumb comments that would make my quote book, including them saying they can't read the time, moaning about too much reading/writing involved - and it wasn't even half a page! They are also those girls who hate everything and everyone. A girl in the room (not in my class) told them off O.O and lived. The last time someone stood up for me, he got hit with a stapler, one of the big office ones, and they picked on him till he resigned to move onto a different career.  

So why are girls bitches? (Not every single female out there, just the girls temporary in my life.) I think as the level of combined oestrogen increases and testosterone decreases, bitchiness increases. So oestrogen levels and bitchiness have a direct relationship. I found a great article on this topic, and will repost. Fernando agrees it's the hormones. And that leaves me wondering if I was like them at 14. Pretty sure I wasn't as, this is how I roll: I don't talk to you, you don't talk to me, we're good. Unfortunately life has a lot of bitches in it, who will end up in dead end jobs. :P

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