Another Week in Pictures @ Sunday, August 05, 2012

On Monday, I don't actually remembered what I did on Monday, just remember spending lots of time trying to figure out Excel 07. I hate excel! There's nothing wrong with 03, the "upgrade" is a scam! Bought 2/3 of my textbooks this week. Wednesday we had our first accounting tut (after changing classes), Lisa's great, she goes slow and doesn't start with formulas. And like Helen she's one of the uncommonly found people who realizes she can wear whatever (translation: trackies not within 10metres of the gym). Thursday we had dinner with Emily & jas, no decent pictures were taken due to dim lighting and no DSLR on hand. Friday, treasure hunt with Toby. It was awesome! - that should really be in caps. Its getting its own post. ;)

- Best to go to their Collins St Store -
Names are posted around 10am. 
If they're out they also offer rainbow sprinkles.

Free Chips

Madman books finally arrive, after 3wks. Shocking as they're in Australia.
4/10 were out of stock and refunded.

Rocking Horse Necklace was painted gold.

I was featured on but didn't see the email till aftewards,
so no screen shot.

My first ruffled tie, this one's for Emily.
It's her colour palette.

Afternoon "tea" with Emily.

On Friday late afternoon I saw the ex other woman on the train, she stared/glared at me while I ignored her and pretended not to know her. It went well. For some retarded reason she also got a visa to Australia, on her own, to some very religious boarding school, the year after I moved. She's that evil little girl, who plays the sympathy card (which only works on guys) and is much like Sae, in Peach Girl. I know that Hector would be nice to her and encourage me to be.

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