Last Saturday - With Ed and Max @ Sunday, September 02, 2012

On Saturday morning last week we to Fast Ed's book signing/cooking demos Ed's "best known as the cooking presenter on Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens", his style is quick & easy recipes that maybe even I could follow, if I cooked. He did some cooking demos, one of which was omelette. No one really saw anything as there wasn't a tv screen, and it was all side view, but I do think the people standing at the back got a better view than those sitting.

After the demos he did book signings for his new book, the Food Clock. Lily got a picture with him (no that's not her in the picture below). Ed's very very tall, you can't really tell on tv, but irl he's more than six and a half feet tall (around 2 meters)! The tallest not African American person I've ever seen irl.

For those who came early or were lucky, and got a seat, they got a showbag. I love showbags :) buying/receiving them that is, packing them, not so much. Inside each show bag, other than the normal brochures and ads was: a Brumby's $1 voucher, tea, a light white ceramic cup, sugar injected cranberries, a muesli bar, spatula and my favourite Ocean Spray's Cranberry Juice Drink. Cranberries remind me of home, you could buy berries in bulk in the states, but here they sell them in 250g boxes and they're never cheap, being an import.

I feel really strange about taking pictures of people, any pictures of people, I think the last time I took a picture of someone was for a photoshoot last year. I rarely ever post pictures of people (unless they're on book covers), I feel more comfortable taking pictures of things, especially food. We have yet to meet anyone like this.  

Lunch - Chicken Puff Pastries
I love these, they're quick and easy to make,
and then you can store them for ages in the freezer.

After picking le beau up from the station we went Max Brenner for afternoon tea. I forgot my camera... even though I had it with me that morning (fast ed pictures taken with dslr) so had to resort to using Lily's iphone. I love my dslr, but being big and 1kg and worth $$$, I rarely ever take it out of the house, and so always use my mini, which is often a hit/miss. 

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