When In Doubt Wear Red. @ Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Crimson, Lust, Scarlet. Three Shades of Red. Red radiates of confidence, energy and spontaneousity. But it could also be aggressive, dominating and quick tempered. How do you see red? To me on a day I'm feeling drained it can make me feel more energetic, but sometimes it does the opposite and makes me feel tired. On of those days that you need sunglasses to even go near a computer.

Today I felt drained, staying up all night to work on an introduction for an IT project, there was a group meeting but that didn't happen as 2/3 of the group was away. Everyone's freaking out about projects, presentations and exams (my first one's in 25 days!) oh and the IT test next week, so there's some people going na. Totally legit reason, stress sick. Spent 2-3hrs trying to write a professional intro and it turned into a story about shopping, and then in the final paragraph there was a link to the case study. That didn't go so well.

I like red, wore a 60s style red shift dress today, and I do believe it made me feel more confident, to some degree. We start the day off by missing the maths lec and help session. That didn't go so well. Arriving at 2.50 I made it to IT on time and had time to change (the IT room is that strange room that's always warmer than the other rooms). Practice access test. I still believe it's unlikely I'll ever use it but meh. Round one, took about 1.5hrs, lots of questions (Austin disapproves). Went to the repeat class, round two took about 15minutes. Totally freaked out the guy on my right, Liam, who wanders in late and wants to know if we started this last week. XD As not everyone comes to class regularly people don't remember who's in the class and who isn't. I ended up helping him with his practice test, which was good, I did need lots of help on round one too. I did round three and left it at that. And Liam ended up asking for contacts (networking-esque), my therapist would be happy, as I find it very difficult to be social and even talk to people. 

Best moment of the day: the part where I tell on Austin for being mean to me, the bit where one of the girls opposite me attempts to deliver a one liner or rather word in a flirty manner. If his name was Tom she called him Tommy. Though it seems I was the only one who thought it was hilarious, as everyone else was off in their little world of tables, forms, queries and reports. It's one of those you moments where you need to be there to find it amusing. He completely ignored her, whatever she sees I don't see it, he may be kinda adorable, but an analysis disagrees. That and I'm not quite sure if it's possible that a guy who's thinner than me (but then again I'm not a stick insect, I'm curvy) could be attractive in any way other than personality.

In other happening I'm slightly annoyed with Austin, even though he's kinda adorable from afar, wearing red seems to repeal the self-esteem issue (he's thinner than me O.O). Some of the other kids aren't turning up because they've given up on access and feel as though he doesn't offer enough help. Yes I did talk to him about that. He believes in self-learning (is it too late to change classes?) but perhaps too much. He isn't particularly encouraging, while he's not that person who waits for the bell and races to the car park, he's not Hector either (Hector's an amazing guy, has an abnormal threshold of patience for all my questions). When I confronted Austin about that he says he reckons he's a great guy O.o XD I'm pretty sure his mother told him that *cues evil laugh*. The strange thing about this whole event is that I don't normally talk to Austin, I prefer minimal contact and would rather not talk to him. Spoke to mr it about it (he's one of those middle aged guy with white hair/beard who's always friendly and remind me of Santa) and once again he comments on the age thing. Something about me getting along with Austin because we're of the same generation (y), I don't like comments on (my) age, it makes me feel old...

On the weekend I made chocolate truffles ("hello diabetes", George's favourite comment to make when I'm cooking), and perhaps made too much, enough to fill 5-6 noodle boxes. Made them for le beau, as he's back in town for the school holidays (which I don't have) and extra to get feed back, but more about that later. I'll be posting the recipe and pictures too. I gave mr it a box and he says it won't work XD that he's not marking our projects, mr little it aka Austin is. Why does everyone think food is bribery? I still maintain that a computer is marking the project (due in a fortnight) and will pick up that I a. used up the group's word quota b. did dot points instead of paragraphs. Austin isn't being very helpful with the project (I wrote three times the amount required) and he knows that. But as I'm making an effort to be nice to him, I did give him a box too ^^. Looking forwards to feedback on the truffles next week; and possibly even a tiny bit towards the access test.

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