Cards, Candles and Crayons @ Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday's are slow, that's also the pace of life lately, with no homework at the moment I can do pretty much whatever I want, though it's difficult to get around and I find that half the time I spend out of the house is for travelling. On Monday I spent 3hrs traveling, one hour getting there (normal) and 2 back - because the bus I was on was late by a minute and I missed the bus that goes home, which happens to come every hour. That or it's a three mile walk, which is what happened on Tuesday, this time the train was delayed by five minutes and once again I saw my bus going pass as the train stopped. I hate public transport. At some point I'll have to learn how to drive...

Paper Pompoms

I take card making workshops on Mondays, this week we made these paper pompoms, it's quite fun - when you have a circle puncher. I'd like to buy one where you can adjust the sizes. Not sure if they exist. But for now as every circle I need is a different size I'll stick to tracing.

Paper Pompoms bring up a faint memory, I don't remember much of my childhood, and the parts that I remember I don't want to remember. But I suppose the good thing is that when something doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. Though I had a privileged (I'm often reminded by friends) life and childhood, I never had human friends. I was surrounded by our live in nanny, and many tutors. Not much has changed, though I have made a few friends over the years, since moving here. But I've always had Lucy & George, my little bunny rabbit and Beagle (he says he's a bagel XD). At school back home they hated me, most of them, my teachers were indifferent, though some were very nice to me and others weren't.

Miss A. & Mrs P. were the art teachers at the school I went to, after a fire they closed down the school. Funny how they built a mental asylum where it used to be. Anyway, while Mrs P was very tall, friendly and a gentle person with a soft voice who never yelled, Miss A was the opposite. She was short with red-ish brown hair, wore glasses, heels and yelled a lot. And she always wore a red apron. Friendly she was not. When I think of her voice she's yelling. I remember lining up outside the art room, in pairs. Though as I didn't have friends, and somehow was always at the front of the line, alone (most teachers were fine with it, I don't see what the problem was either...) Miss A always told me to go to the back of the line. Did this stop me from being at the front of the line next time? I don't remember, but I'm going to say probably not.

One year we had Miss A (only in Kinder and the 2nd grade did we have Mrs P, I think) perhaps the 5th or 6th grade we made paper pompoms. We used Christmas cards, traced circles, cut them out and stuck them together. Not sure how, but I think we used Mod Podge (watered down PVA glue) and pegs to keep them together while they dried.

Back to Monday. Mrs S, the very nice lady who runs these workshops, showed us how to decorate candles, using stamps (the type you use with ink, not the mailing one). Stamp tissue paper and then melt it into the candle, using a hair dryer. Paper melts into the wax, don't attempt to take it off. Make sure the paper isn't shiny, baking paper doesn't work. Oh and you'll need an adult to do the melting kids. ;) 

Elves & Reindeer

Mrs S. gave everyone an end of year present.
A stamp, mag/catalogue and A5 cardstock.
*Feels guilty I didn't at least make her a nice card*
Oh and there's a decoupage page I didn't get a picture of. 

Miss J. (not jas dresses as a girl, if you were wondering, oh and I will finish the cast post before the end of the month) gave everyone a small present. Next time I'll make some amazing cookies, Gingerbread to bring along. She gave me a Christmas tree that lights up and changes colours. I might make an animation of it later on. 

Both Lucy (bunny) & George (puppy) are fascinated by it.

Tuesday - We went to the dentist for a filling in a molar. It hurt a lot, she said it wasn't meant to, but even up at 8hrs after it hurt. Pain killers didn't help, but the sleeping meds did. I miss my old dentist who transferred to the hospital, he was nice, and gentle, some she isn't.

Wednesday - It's official, I'm having computer issues again. The other day I saved a picture of Tiramisu, and anti-virus went crazy. Something about updates, IT says I need to get a new anti-virus. Any recs? At the moment its blocked hotmail/gmail and google. Fortunately Andy has lent me his work only laptop. All things that use flash like youtube and games don't work. Oddly though auto-play ads at deafening volumes work. 

Thursday - First day of work. Isn't it funny how you can meet someone and instantly not like them, or vice versa? I was the afternoon team leader, and the morning woman was scary, she was very bossy and dominating. If I see her again and she does that I'll point out that I'm not new and just because I'm half her age doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing. If she was nice I would have told her that her face was super oily, like she'd been at the gym, then again she was in gym wear... But then again some people live in that stuff. And there was no gym nearby, and her shift started at 10am. Oh and if you're wonder, the uniform is an apron and under it we can wear whatever suits the organization's colours, that we deem suitable. The evening team leader lady was very friendly, she reminds me of Glee's Coach Beist.

Business is slow but steady with some quiet hours, but will be very busy closer to Christmas, with lots of long lines and impatience on the customer's end. I just love it when they cross their arms and tap their foot while we're wrapping their purchases. No pictures at the moment, but I'll try to get a picture another day. But here's a lovely inspiring picture i like:

Brown Kraft Paper with Glitter Spots
Featuring Yarn as 'Ribbon'

My KK Gift arrived, but I'm going to have another post on it.

Friday - An early dinner with Jas (who was an hour late, he was still be bed at the meeting time, yes its happened before on many occasions, I did a post on it, in drafts at the moment, which I may post, and send him the link) and then play. As I took lots of pictures and want to so a full review it'll be in another post. Coming soon. After dinner we went to see 'Dracular & Reinfield', a musical comedy. It made us feel a bit sleepy, but was amusing. In particular three actors were amazing, Reinfield, Mina and Mrs West.

 At dinner the tables had shiny paper over the linen table cloths, crayons were provided.

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