Late November @ Sunday, December 09, 2012

Exams are finally over! I had my one last, statistics on Monday. And now I've got 3-4 weeks of holidays until class starts again. In the next couple weeks we'll be taking lots of pictures, going to see a play & concert, a few food adventures, and I'll be working - part-time doing gift wrapping as a charity-esque event (will blog about it later). But first, lets start with what I've been up to and haven't posted about. :P

During Melb Central's VIP Day Lush had a lucky dip with purchase.

I bought a piece of 'Fairy Godmother', which is their all year round version of Snow Fairy, and got 'Honey, I washed the kids' as the lucky dip prize. It was almost 100g! Earlier on during the day I bought something else and as the lucky dip wasn't on yet, the lovely SA gave me a sample of 'Rockstar' Soap instead - which is AMAZING! 

Finally I found 'The Little Library' at Melb. Central.
It's near where the place that sells headphones on red display heads.

Last Monday we went to the card-making workshop. 
The 1st card was freestyle. My style is to stick stuff on the card. 
You can't tell, but there's a plastic 'window' in front of the tree. 

As you pull the thingy out it becomes coloured in!

When I first saw this I thought it was magical! As it reminded me of 5th grade Religious Ed. Classes, which involved magical items, like the Bible which had a flame coming from the inside when the teacher opened it, he said the Bible was a powerful book, or something like that... There was also the magical colouring book that I could never figure out, its something to do with the light. First flick through blank pages, 2nd go b/w drawing outlines, 3rd go full colour.

We had Indian take-away, butter chicken.
It was average, nothing wrong, just a bit flat for me.
The condiments are yellow onion, yoghurt and red chillis.
Check out this cool picture I found. :)

After a stats. revision class  I bought this. 

It's called 'Glutenous Sandwhiches'. Glutinous rice (the main ingredient) is more commonly known as sticky rice. I've seen variations with a yellow bean paste in the middle, but this one doesn't have that. It's just some amazing sticky rice sprinkled with sesame seeds. Oh and it doesn't taste green, just like how pink popcorn won't taste like anything but salted/buttered/caramalized popcorn. I love this food, think it's an asian dessert maybe.

Not technically Nov, but my week starts with Monday.

We (Emily, Jas & I) went to see a concert. 
Some of the pieces they played included the Titanic Suite,
and a few pieces from the Nutcracker - which I LOVED!
Drinks: Beer Apple Cider for Emily, something $12, pretty & alcholic
for jas and a lemon squash (lemonade styled nicely) for me.

Afterwards we went to 'Naked for Satan', a tapas bar. Normally at night it's very crowded, being popular, but fortunately being afternoon tea time only the bar area was full. The tapas here are called 'Pinxtos', spanish tapas served on slices of bread.

Lunch Mon-Fri & dinner Sun-Wed is $1 per toothpick and all other times it's $2 a toothpick. You order a drink and pay up front and then grab a plate and pick your tapas, and pay at the end. It's a interesting concept. The best tapas is the one with the olive and betroot. As for the bread it tastes like the one from Coles's Bakery. I'd like to visit this place again soon - with my DSLR. Emily's phone was used for the pictures above.

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