SPLAT! @ Monday, December 03, 2012

Nope, a bird didn't sh*t on me (I'd have to go outside for that to happen :P), that's the sound I woke up to on the train today. It's also the story of what happened to the frosting on the red velvet cupcake.

Alternative blog post title: Melbourne Central One Day Shopping Festival, but that was a bit too spot on, and long. I don't like long titles, especially with urls.

On Wednesday I went to VIP Day at Melb Central, after class. As I still have one exam to go, stats, I had exam prep. classes round 2. Haven't been feeling so great lately e.g. can't sleep at night, even though I almost always fall asleep on the train, and missed 75% of the class (half of day one, and day too completely), and the weather isn't helping. I think I'm going to die of heatstroke. Anyway...

There were lots of stores with sales, though as I wasn't really after anything the one of the only things I bought was from Sussans, they had 50% off sale stock (which was that "... up to 50% off" store on the center's brochure). Small silver diamonate heart earrings for only $2.50, didn't take a picture of it, as I'm not too good with taking pictures of small shinny things which go blurry when I get too close. Still looking up photography classes, any recommendations?

One of the activities offered was the Treasure Hunt, the prize is what you pick up along the trip rather than a draw of those who collected all the items. Being an analyst I got the map (for some - censored - reason Melb Central decided that the only maps they'll be offering is the touch screen ones, the ones that are completely useless in mapping out the route for the hunt specifically. And so I drew my own map, the fastest way to visit all the locations on all four levels. It was challenging by but I did it. :)

So what's the catch? There's always a catch with treasure hunts. Well for this one, you have to be one of the first 200 to sign up. We were told to line up at 5.30, with the event starting at 6.00, but when we got there there was already a line that went for almost 1/4 of a mile. Big disappointment. Next time we'll get there 1.5hrs early, and bring a book. Almost all the participants were female, and there was one girl who was very bitchy towards me, even though I didn't talk to her. Though that was expected. I'm totally up for a little competition, I'm super competitive and that teamed up with bitchiness I'll do whatever it takes to beat the others. And so that's a short story on why I don't like girls, and all my friends, except Emily, are boys. The major catch was that even though there was 200 participants, each store was only obligated to give a prize to the first 25 that shows up. Though I wanted to do the hunt I didn't hang around, after lining up for half an hour, as I had already signed up for another activity.

There's another post just for the cupcakes, coming up.

After the cupcake workshop I decided to do the treasure hunt, as I was very disappointed with myself for not being able to be at two places at the same time, I know it sounds silly. But my competitive side would have picked the hunt over cupcakes, as the workshop wasn't particularly competitive, other then coming up with a nicer final product than the other girls.

All you needed to participate is this bag. 
There's nothing inside in case you're wondering. 

From Cupcake Bakery I got a Snowman Cupcake.
Which I gave to the lovely SA at Lush, as she was very friendly and helpful. Picked up something small for my KK (I've bought her a few things rather than one big thing), and the SA gave me a sample of 'Rockstar Soap' - which smells amazing! Later on I came back to buy the 'Godmother Soap', and they had a lucky dip (though you only get it if you ask) and I got block of 'Honey, I washed the kids', which was something I wanted to try. It was quite big for pretty much what was a freebie, being a bit less than 100g (worth 7.00).   

One of my last stops was Lord of the Fries, known for their sauces.
For the Treasure Hunt their prize was a bucket of chips, which was quite big, compared the other prizes. As you're wondering, no the bucket isn't the smallest size, the cone is. As I came 1.5hrs later than the others there was no line. :) The old man, who I think owns that branch, was very friendly and recommended their best seller, the Belgium Sauce. It was lovely.

Cupcake no. 3
Red Velvet from Cupcake Central. Not a part of the hunt, but a freebie I found along the way. That's the one that went splat! on the train when I fell asleep, fortunately we only lost 2/3 of the icing, the cake is fine. Though I'm not sure what happened to it in the end.

Non-Edibles Prizes
Bowie World, asian thing - Coast, candy cane - Colette, headband  - Lush, Snow Fairy Gel Sample -  SpecSavers, Lens Cloth - Wood n' Chimney, Discount Vouchers ($10 pizza/burger)

Missed: Bank (decided to skip, those who went said you could pick a pen/frisbee/stress ball after you sign up for their newsletter of course, it's a case of everything comes at a price. That and banks aren't exactly known for being generous) Karen Miller (probably candy cane + %50 off voucher with $250 spend), Mill. Hair (unknown, they were closed), Oakley (b/w cap), Secret Recipe, T2.

It was fun I suppose, though very competitive, and it does help to have someone hold stuff while you take pictures. I took pictures while balancing two bags, a cupcake and blazer, so these pictures aren't my best. Even if I've never managed to take decent pictures at CC. Bakery. If you happen to be in the city then go for it, but don't forget to arrive at least an hour earlier than suggested.

Blogger RFK said... on December 3, 2012 at 8:09 AM  

Hahaha I know precisely what you mean about bitchy girls during sales/competitions. I was in Mecca doing a little bout of christmas shopping on Wednesday and these two girls kept glaring at me! The SA was with me the whole time because I shop there a lot (can't be good when they know you by your first name hahaha) and we were really genuinely just chatting about makeup, how busy they've been etc. There were tons of other SAs around, so I wasn't hogging her time or anything. Weirdos.

Good on you going ahead with the treasure hunt! Oh and 'heatstroke', that's so yesterday hahahaha! I literally didn't leave home at all yesterday because I was so afraid of the sun. Nevermind the heat, but the hot air doesn't help either. Take care and hydrate lots :)

K xx

Blogger Charlie said... on December 3, 2012 at 11:45 PM  

That is strange; maybe one of the girls recognizes you from somewhere? Girls only attack (I think...) when there's a threat of some sort (even when you can't see the threat), mainly when someone else is superior to them in some way. Not sure what it was in that case, but usually it's brains. XD Unless that SA was giving you freebies for being a loyal customer. ;)

They also attack or rather attempt to provoke a response, and if you don't react because you know you're better than that. That makes me bitchier, because deep down they know you're better than them. I know the thing to do if be extra nice to them (being genuine is optional), but it's difficult.

It was a bit scary, awks doing it after everyone else, but I'm glad I did it. :) Plus when I did get around to doing it the mad rushing around was over. I would recommend it, if you happen to be in the city that day, but do bring your pack, they can be wolves. ;)

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