Last Week's Adventures @ Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As I wrote this post last week, and posted it this week the title's a bit off :P

- stats exam
- saw someone go under the crossing at the station again
- spied two light brown bunnies at the exam location


I love this dress! Check out the detailing.

Love this style, I'd re-make this with a few edits.
In a different colour too, maybe Cadbury purple. 

Anyone want to guess which ballet it's from?

We took a few pictures for a competition.
My concept was that the butterflies came from the book.
Update - didn't win :(

For dinner we went to the invite only opening night, before the opening day, at Grill'd Yarraville, which I've posted about. Ordered an apple juice and ended up covered in beer. The incident was where a little boy spilled beer all over me, so I had the extremely unpleasant feeling of wet socks, stockings, skirt and everything under my skirt! Not cool. I had a semi-panic attack. Next time I will be asking for the cost of dry cleaning my clothes, though now that coat needs to washed - anyone know how to wash wool?


Shopping with Emily, after re-enrolment day.

Bloom Sale! I got the above for a total of $15. :)
Eye paint review.

The checkout guy remembers us as the pair from a previous sale, he's very friendly and rounds things to the nearest five, and throws in things for free as the expression goes. :) Emily says it's freaky that he remembers, I think it's cool though, and wonder if he remembers other girls (or the guys who were dragged along to hold stuff). :P

Amusing event of the week: A guy working at the sale (not the checkout guy) asks Emily where she's from, funny as I'm always the one who gets asked that (almost on a weekly basis). I don't think she actually replied (she's asian btw, don't ask if she's from china), as she picked up on his English accent and went head over heels for it. I personally didn't notice the guy, just the accent and his height (he's very tall!), and I don't wear my heart on my sleeve like her. I don't carry it around with me either, it's locked up somewhere safe. ;)

Late on when she's not there the English guy walks past me, and upstairs to where we can't see each other, and says Emily's cute XD. Why is he telling me this? O.o It appears to be the same thing we did in college, a friend of the interested party tells the bff of the other party. She was so happy over the comment as she thought the same - about his accent I gathered. 

He also wanted to know how old she is. Too young for you sorry, and she's "underaged" ;). I thought it was absolutely hilarious, Emily didn't, though she wasn't mad, she went on silly boy crazy mode. He's not her type anyway. I'm curious to see wether she'll come back another day under the pretense that she's buying something to see him again.

Discontinued Eye Colour Creams
A creamier eye shadow really.  


How to feel great: wear something amazing. I wore my biggest fasinator/"hat" on Friday, as I felt almost exam nerves visiting Hector. We got 4 - 5 compliments, including one from my dr, though he has comment on my outfits before it still made me smile. :) Hector was less impressed, being the nice person he is no comment was made.

I've been meaning to visit my past teachers, it was meant to be on the last Friday of October, also known as Doomsday for those taking their English exams on the 1st Nov. At first I was going to do a mini hamper, but short on time I went for the mason jar instead. I love mason jars, it's a shame they're expensive here.

We made Tiramisu on Thursday night, left it overnight for the flavour to develop. I'd say it went well and was fun to make. Somehow mine made it to the freeze, I ate it while in the 'ice-cream' stage and it was good! I would make it again. :)

To personalize it I cut out circles of black paper to fit under the rim/screwing part of the jar (we bought the wrong jars, these are the two piece one use preserving jars that 'pop' when you preserve them in a water bath, in the same way that a jar of pasta sauce 'pops' when you open it), and did gold monograms, using rub on transfers. I love it. I'd add a mini card on a ribbon around it next time, saying "Made with love by Charlie". Ms hoh would have loved it and commented on it, had she been there. Guys just don't tend notice the details as much - or comment on them.
Hector as a girl - because with this avi maker he looks better as one.
That and he'd wear more than 3 different outfits and be stylish, that
and it would be more socially acceptable to have someone I admire
be a girl rather than not. 

On Friday I went to see Hector, just to say hi, and ask him some things I've been wondering. Completely forgot the Qs when I got there though, that and there was no opportunity to ask. Though it's very rare to get him alone (open plan office atmosphere), people don't close doors unless they're locking the day, or some kid's in trouble. He didn't really talk to me, as he was busy (I did email and call before I came, but the email system is a one way thing, and I hate leaving voice mail). But I did ask if drinking too much apple juice leads to cancer, he 
said no, but recommended getting the organic version.

I rarely ever speak to Hector, but get the feeling that he's someone you can talk to, once you (I) get over the weirdness of letting him get to know me, or one of the characters I play. He's one of the rare people I trust. I think it's because he's a very genuine character, even if he's not very open and rarely ever talks about himself. 

Didn't ask for a picture as planned, for a photo project as I may have partial prosopagnosia, because he looked like he was melting. I'm not sure if I should have told him or not, as I'm not one of his favourite kids (everyone has favourites, but with him it's very subtle/passive) and other than numerous non-personal health related questions and hallway small talk (he was my health teacher a while back, and one of my favourites) I didn't talk to him much, which I slightly regret. 

Afterwards we stopped by the shops.

I've just read the intro and I'm liking this book, Mr. B (a favourite) would have liked it too, it goes with his speech on dieting and how you'll go back to the way you were or gain even more weight than before.

Lincraft has a 50% off Christmas Stock Sale. 
Picked up a few things, deco and supplies. 

It's a mini snow globe - I love snow globes!
Shake it up and there's snow.  


We made cookies, Safeway recent started stocking Duncan Hines mixes and frosting. I liked this one, but wouldn't buy it again because it was too sweet. Of the range I saw mini-cupcake mixes, french(?) vanilla, Devil's food, and brownies. Oh and I came across this, a guide on how to enhance Duncan Hines's Brownie Mix.   

OpenID peachcordial said... on December 12, 2012 at 9:26 AM  

Those jars are so cute! Such a neat idea :)

Blogger Charlie said... on December 15, 2012 at 12:21 AM  

Thanks :) I got a 6 pack of them from Spotlight for $18.

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