Recaps of 2012 - April @ Friday, January 04, 2013

We had a trip with le beau & co to the 'Winter Island'. I thought it would be summer days on the beach - I was wrong .. but we still had a great time. We stayed at an apartment opposite Cowes, had pizza, went to Panny's chocolate factory, help made apple pie.

Le beau & I had lots of fun playing the carnival games at Panny's. As we went near closing time there was almost no one else there so we spent an hour winning lots of balls of chocolate. 

Went to see 'Mirror Mirror' with Ashley, last time before she moved to China to pursue her dream of being an model/actress. The movie was alright, family friendly, the queen isn't evil, she's just insecure about her looks. Costumes were amazing and interesting. The end of strange though, when the cast broke out in a Bollywood dance, as  there was nothing Indian about the film other than the director. 

Freud & I had lunch at 'The Beach - Albert Park', one of the best meals I've had this/last year. Service was fantastic too. The resturant is opposite the beach at the end of a tram line, so don't forget to bring your parasols for a stroll.

 I do love Krispy Kreme.

First event of the year, Oxfam Trailwalker. Hector was doing it, but he was fast (came 14th) and so I missed him. I still have almost no idea what an aqueduct is, other than a Roman invention for pumping water.

 A week later on my way to another event, in the Docklands I saw Hector at a church.   

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