Recaps of 2012 - October @ Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stumbled upon the name of those amazing 'cookies' from the spiritual event, friands. 
They use almond meal, like macarons, so they're a bit $$ to make. 

 Made truffles. Not recommended for sole consumption, best for parties or gatherings.  

 Posted about my new business cards. 

 Pink Ribbon Day
They had ballerinas and superheros. 

 Australis Fairy Bread
Bought some amazing nail polish. 

 Worked at the Armageddon Expo, as a door greeter. 

 Got a picture of Austin ^^. That didn't require knocking him out or tying him up. XD 
Emily suggested using the phone discretely, but I wanted a decent picture.

Had presentations, sus ops & IT. Group work fail, but we all go the work on in time ultimately. Somehow I thought it was very clear that we were meant to suit up, and yet I was only one who did.  

 Worked at 'Spring Fling Street Festival, it was very bright! There was strange tent festival foods, a jumping castle, treasure hunt (where I worked) which failed, acrobats, and a art&craft festival.

Exams ruined Halloween, again, which pretty much marks the start of exams. Miss accounting's great and got all the revision stuff recorded/uploaded so I could study from home rather than travel 5-6hrs (both ways). 

 Saw 'Frankenweenie' with le beau on Halloween, it was very good.

Second cousin once removed got married on Halloween, because they left it till the last day (some strange prophecy/fortune teller said they should get married in October). His wife is modern, and hence wore something where everyone got a full view of her ... I went in costume as Cinderella and was the best dressed. :) 

OpenID peachcordial said... on January 10, 2013 at 3:31 PM  

Ooh I couldn't resist fairy bread either!

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