Cacao Green @ Friday, March 01, 2013

Last Saturday night we stopped by Cacao Green a little before midnight for dessert. I love frozen yoghurt, and popping pearls even more. Found them here 34.00 for 3.3kg, works out to be 10.30 p/kg. Jas went for mango while I got the pomegranate. Last time he had the green tea, which he said wasn't sweet enough.

Toppings - Boba is amazing! The lychee would be too if it weren't canned.   

More toppings. Canned mango, pineapple, peach, fresh kiwi & strawberry
(only fresh cause it doesn't come canned - yet :P), and a tray of cereals.

Mango Yoghurt with a Waffle, Mango Popping Pearls and Kiwi 

Pomegranate Yoghurt with Lychee Popping Pearls, Strawberry & Kiwi

I really liked the pomegranate, as last time I had the original flavour, lemon. It's really sad how if they can they use canned fruit e.g. mango, lychee and peach. But it's all about profits, especially with asians.  According to jas fresh lychee is a myth though, but I'm certain you can get them - they're probably just as expensive as blueberries in winter though (in any season that is).

Cacao Green Bourke Street on Urbanspoon

Cacao Green on Urbanspoon

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