First Couple Days Back @ Monday, March 04, 2013


Last Monday. First day back. Behaviour Management (MOB). I had a good view of the board, then two later comers plants themselves directly in front of me. The closer one stinks of BO and sweat. I was going to be sick, as I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Yes I can smell you if you're within two metres. The rest of the almost two hours was spent sniffing lemon butter cuticle cream, after the facial mist failed - it was strong enough. So from now on I will be carrying around air fresher or a mini perfume. The lecturer may think I'm a coke addict...

The tutorial went better. Mr mob tut turned out to be mr eco no.2. :) Nice to know I'm on someone's good side. :P Doesn't happen often with me and my questions. We got two projects, an essay plan and journal articles review due week 3 (our next class!) my topic's globalization - which he said is his favourite. I really wanted Skinner's Theory of Motivation though... Our 2nd project is a group project where we interview a manager (I asked mr bm and he said yes :), my partner went to the same college as me but another campus. Violet Crumbles are everywhere. :P 


Second day back I started a project for MOB, or rather attempted to. Can't find any info on it... as it's a broad topic, globalization and it wasn't the one I wanted. Do you think he'll know if I change my topic? Probably should mention he knows what I'm doing, just wondering if he'll remember that in two weeks. He did look straight at me when pointing out in his opinion it was the best topic... I really wanted to do Motivation, as I actually know what that is and stuff. And I've only ever researched globalization in terms of global health... 

Went to the library in search of the globalization section, emerged an hour later with a book called 'Mind Gym'... I couldn't find what I was after and instead found the psych section - which was way more interesting. I've read the section on stress and it's quite good. I'll be sharing it later.

First events class. The lecturer and tutor are cool. So far I haven't had to change any classes. Group projects coming up. Excursion tomorrow. Event of the day: panic attack. I saw Austin's name on the board in his handwriting (it's normal to introduce yourself on the first day :P - even though he never introduced himself to me and I met him over email) and I was on the ground. Jokes, I didn't end up on the ground (though that has happened before - and they have a recording of it!) and no one noticed I totally freak out. Other than a slight moment of dizziness, racing heart, fuzzy thinking and unable to hold still I was fine. Then we had a room change, I was half expecting it this time :P so I was fine. Though I couldn't resist wiping it off the board. I know they're just pigments of ink of some sort, but still the fact that it was there bothered me. Felt like I was being watched - yes by pigments of ink. Well sort of, I think it may have just being the fact that I knew he was around and that was unnerving. Funny thing though was that I did know he works Tuesdays.

Yes I drew that, it's from the book above ^.

I'm somewhere between distracted and distraught. Distraught on Tuesday, slightly decreasing to distracted on Saturday. There's just so many projects going on at the same time, so much notes to be made and a 15pg exam for behavioral studies. And then there's the 50 billion cases we need to remember for law. That and I need major help for a mob project due in a bit more than a week that I don't understand at all and can't find anything on. And mr mob tut only does part-time and hasn't replied to any of my emails!

Wednesday we took a mental health day, and spent it in bed... but I do believe that I have Wednesdays off. Though it would have been better spend at the library - except for that bit where I was stuck on my work. :(

Missed PD on Thursday and that just added more stress, as mr pd is the scariest person ever over email (well actually I've never met him, but he sounds mean and scary just from the messages he posts). Fortunately I got ms pd, whose seen me around but doesn't know me. I missed being put into groups and a test, but she said it's ok, just come to the next class. From the times I've seen her I don't think she's as scary as him.

How was your first week back? 

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