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I'll just click the snooze button... and it's noon! Missed therapy, again. The therapist wants to discuss my many according to her inappropriate r'ships with my past teachers, it's not like I'm screwing all of them, and not all of them are guys. It just happens so that people I like and want to be friends with happen to be teachers, I've never gotten along with the other kids. And I have a high tendency to reject their offer to be friends. Last offer was accepted (girl from summer school) and before that, well it's been so long I don't even know who it was. 

Why is it that when I get rejected I'm pretty much devastated (actually I think the devastation may be from le beau leaving me, and it's all related/connected in this case) but when I do the rejecting it's nothing? Perhaps it's because I rarely make friends, as I'm very picky. I need to sense that there's something special about them for them to be chosen.

A girl in my mob project partner's class offered to be friends the other day, yeah no. It's not going to happen, because I don't understand most of what she's saying (asian accent) and we would have nothing in common. She pointed out that we have/had the same subjects - yes but so did 500+ other people studying business. She then proceeds to ask for my number in case she has any questions. O.o        

Law on a Friday afternoon doesn't have the same intensity as if it was night. Everything at night is more intense. That or it's just me. Forgot my glasses today, and noticed I have fine lines! Once again I'm freaking out about being old, it all started when I met Austin last September. There is no way that he's better than me and younger! The funny thing is that I don't even know why I'm so damn competitive with him. He doesn't flaunt it, and has no interest in coversations with me. A friend saying he looks much younger than he is didn't help. Any recommendations for an eye cream that works? I'm currently looking at the Benefit one, QV and Natio. 

Overwhelmingly intense is how I'd describe law, but I like it, I even feel very passionate about it - and it's not in my head . This week we did week 4 Qs (as Friday's class missed a class the other week) which I had already done (went to another class that week) so I knew all the answers. It's interesting how in the other class, which is full, a couple people are always eager to answer. But in this class everyone avoids eye contact and when we do answer it takes us a while to get there. Two boys found out about the essay due next week today... I'd have a breakdown if that was me - not that I've started or anything. :P

Clinque at Myer were offering samples of these, repairwar laser focus serums. In exchange for an appointment to see how you go in two weeks (the hook was the ad, this is the line). How I went on day 1: it burns and makes my skin peel, and that's using it over the gel. I'm not trying that again.  

Late nights at the library. Take-away from Purple Peanuts, I do love their Teriyaki chicken which I've had a few times. The plan was to stay at the library till they closed at 10pm, though soon I fell asleep...   

Compared to most weeks this week was quite flat, on the drama. That or I'm feeling flat.


Worked at the MS 24hr Mega Swim event today, we did registrations which included ticking people off the list (30-ish within 4hrs) and giving them a showbag, shirt and cap. Lots of time in between people turning up, luckily I came prepared (as always) and bought a book with me. The guy who was on the same shift as me felt like talking though, I think telling all the other staff about your church is over-sharing we really don't need to know you go to bible study twice a week. Though we do wonder why you go to an asian church when you're not asian, and if we can tell you don't have a gf/wife you've said too much. Austin's the opposite to that, I would know nothing about him if I mind my own business. Though as I was in the room when he's friendly with the other guys (not in a creepy way) I've passively gathered info. I do much analyzing before doing most things. 

Showbags include bottles. 

Back to the event. Just because it's little doesn't mean it's ok to whip out and show the world. Though if it's little you might want to keep it in your pants. :P There was a little boy running around rubbing up against the photo booth props (inflatables) and rolling around on the couch. While he did that he was squealing and his mother stood nearby, watching him. It seemed to not come to her attention that it is not ok to run around nude. Fortunately soon the lifeguard spoke to her, and the next time I saw him you'd think he'd be wearing underwear right? Nope. He wore a nappy. Are you telling me that you let your not toilet trained child run around naked and rub up against things that do not belong to you?! Apparently so. Some people are disgusting.

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