Cupcake Central - Hawthorn @ Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Last Wednesday afternoon we went to Hawthorn for a late lunch, but unfortunately the brunch place we were going to closes at 2pm, and so we went for afternoon tea instead. At Glenferrie Station when you exit turn right and there's a bunch of small shops & eateries, and then there's a cupcake shop! I do love unexpected surprises.

Cupcake Central

With so many flavours what shall we pick?

A classic? Devil's Food Chocolate or Red Velvet?
At 2.20 each (for a small cc) why not both?

Or perhaps Cookies 'n' Cream, or French Toast?

Not feeling particularly spontaneous after the failed plan we decided to get the best seller - the Red Velvet, it's always a good sign when you order the last one. :) As always it was great, moist not dry with cream cheese frosting.

There's a cozy seating area upstairs, perfect for meeting up with friends between classes.

Sharam says Hi.

He's making the world a better place, one cupcake at a time. :P

Being based in the city I don't travel out a lot, and tend to stick to familiar places, like Little Cupcakes on Degraves, though some days, particularly Fridays I do like to take a walk to the Melbourne Central for Cupcake Central's surprise flavour. Last week it was fairy floss. :) 

I'd highly recommend Cupcake Central, especially the Hawthorn one, if you're close by. The staff are always very friendly, even though I've only been there once, I've met Sharam before at their flagship store at Melbourne Central, he was very lively and friendly. It's always good to make an impression. :)   

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