Monday Baking - Oreo Cupcakes V2. @ Monday, May 27, 2013

19th May

sick day. Day 5 spent in bed. No work was done. Went to church for a sermon, it was boring. The guy had no idea what he was going to talk about and asked for a topic, improv. Tonight's topic was anger. A woman in the audience asked how to get a certain man in her life to stop watching porn. The speaker said to post about it on his fb, to publicly shame him. Though I think that could potentially be the way to meet swingers. XD The only reason I went was because I was paid to - in candy. ;)

It's possible that the number of classes missed is starting to outweigh the number of classes attended. :(

Round One
It did not rise at all. 

Made Oreo Cupcakes. Round 2. More SR, less Plain flour. No mixer (couldn't find the attachment). Different oven, jas was right it took 16mins to bake. It rose! O.O Last time with 3/4c SR it didn't this time with +1/4c more it did... IV & DV r'ship? Nope, too many extraneous variables.

Round Two - Unfrosted
It rose! I think it was the oven that did it, and method.

Yes I did cut off the top for the frosted ones. 

While the cake was great. Light & Fluffy! The cream cheese frosting wasn't... less is more when it comes to oreo (dust) crumbs in the icing. Too much and it looks like sludge. Is that a word? Yes. Think cement but yucky in colour. Fortunately I could hide it was rainbow sprinkles! And other pretty things. 

Oh and that one that looks like soil/dirt, that's oreo dust. I was experimenting. Half the cakes aren't iced cause I assume half my lecturers are diabetic potentially, or health conscious.

The Process - Chopping Oreos 

This is the lightest & fluffiest cupcakes I've ever made. Hand mixed it.
Where is the recipie you ask? I'll be sharing it after round 3, next week. :P

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