Life During Exams @ Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1st Week of June


"Ma'm would you like another table?"

First exam, law. Open book. How many books can you bring? As many as you can carry. :P I bought the two books on the list and three books I created ($16 for the binding at OW). I ended up using the textbook once and my notes a lot. Doing the past exams really helped as 3/5 Qs that were on the exam have been done before. Still wished that they had the answers available.

The View


I may have bought too much from Breadtop.
Spicy Chicken - Chicken & Potato - Onion Rolls


20hr coma. Only one day to cram for the business events exams. 


13hrs till the exam, and I know nothing. :( It's particularly hard as we only got brief dp notes and nothing like a conference is... it is different to incentive in travel as...

Microwave dinners. :( Butter chicken flavoured rice) tonight. Dislike. There was 1-2 small tsp sized bits of chicken. Chicken skin does not constitute as chicken! Flavourwise it was meh, average. Not recommended. 


Cupcakes! Creme Brulee & S'mores.

Creme Brulee was salty, not enough sugar - the cake part. 
The frosting however was very good, with burnt caramel bit in it.
Not recommended.  

S'mores was nice, but it was all about the topping, 
other than that it was a chocolate cake. 

It's possible that I fell asleep during the exam or was very drowsy for the most of it - up till the bit there they tell me they made a mistake and I got 20mins instead of an hour +. There was only 1/5 Qs I was certain on. :( Hoping to get 40%-50% min. 

For a moment I was in love. O.O I do believe I was asleep or near there and 'By Heart, By Soul' our first dance song was playing on repeat, in the car. It was wonderful. 

No bunnies were seen today, but I did see a lost dog with a blue collar. He froze when I said hi and ran across the street when I came towards him. :( Dogs don't like me for some reason.

Mail. Downton Abbey S3 arrived. :) 


Woke up at noon, exhausted. Too tired to do anything today. The hairpiece arrived, I like it but don't love it. Too shiny and looks fake - unlike in the picture. The difference is in the picture its been styled, but out of the box it's a bit of a mess.  

Feeling like a cross between Newton and a not hot tranny. :( Bought on the 26th May, Houston TX, last tracked 31st May Chicago IL. Arrived in Melbourne 7th June.


Some days are harder than others. Today felt like a Sunday, where I spent the day in a coma. Dreams of a woman murdered with an axe found in a pool, an abandoned town, purple bandage skirts and a wonderful hug from le beau who I miss very much.


Good Food & Wine Show


Week 2 of Exams.

18hr coma. Bad dreams of being hunted for stealing info, info required for a phd thingy.

Made pasta. It was gross. Used paste instead of sauce then added the sauce half-way... Failed to read that is said paste and the other was sauce. It tastes like pasta, chicken and tomato paste, and no one will eat it. 

Less than 12hrs till the exam (they messed up the times and now no one knows when it is, other than tomorrow). 2/xx prac Qs done. Motivation is dead. 


Exam 3/5. Arrived at 9.15 (leaving 7am :( stupid computer error decided to tell me the exam was in the morning! Exhausted by the time the exam was actually one and dozed off a few time. :( Prac exams not like exam! 1/3 Q was the same!

On the way there I saw 6 plane, flying lower than you'd see in the city. Actually they don't have planes in the city, only helicopters, the red tourist one and news ones. Saw Virgin, JetStar and Cathy I think. Why the hell would you want to fly with Virgin?! I for one would prefer an airline with experience. :P

After the exam I saw 6 bunnies. There's been a shortage of bunnies lately :(.

Bought a candle. Better than the Mimco ones.
Smells like cookies! If you're within 25cm, and re-enter the room.

I love cookies, though have only made them a couple times.


Coma. Made rice bubble bars, Raspberry Oreo. It was nice, but didn't look like the picture at all - too much rice, not enough marshmallow. Scrolling through the fb wall. Won a competition! Another from the same organizer. I used a different name - dw I didn't enter twice, it's just that once you've won from a place it's unlikely you'll win again using the same name.


Shopping after therapy, retail therapy? Target (had) a big cosmetics sale, cause someone didn't take down the sale tags (the sale ended yesterday) I ended up getting a Maybelline Nail Polish for 2.00. :)

240 Twilight Rays 

Mail! A surprise  Burt's Bees Natural Lip Gloss in  Ocean Sunrise, the perfect light pink. :) 25WOL, 1 of 2,500. Worth 17.00! Why the surprise  When I first found some review for it it was 9.00, as it is back home.

Nap. Running late as always, stopped by Mad Mex for take away, Jas gets a burrito while I get a nakid one (in a container). Worm!!!! Story of why I don't eat in the dark (candlelight) and I analyze my food. Not sure if I'll ever feel the same about Mad Mex or lettuce. 

Here's a nicer worm.

After picking up dinner we went to a comedy show, and there was a purple puppet!  

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