A Winter's Day Stroll @ Saturday, July 06, 2013

26th June

ANZ Gothic Bank on Collins St

I wonder what's behind the door...
Yes the room/doorway does get smaller as you get closer, but the frame is from floor to ceiling.


I do like confetti.

Rocky Road

They cant's all be chocolate cupcakes? Can they?

Pretty... Shall we have a cupcake tower at the wedding?

Note that the Cupcake Bakery are the not nicest cupcakes, dry, mass factory produced.
Best cupcakes are from 'Little Cupcakes' & 'Cupcake Central.'
The Cupcake Bakery on Urbanspoon

What's down there? A 1880s London pub perhaps? 
We must visit there sometime - in costume.

The 2nd cheapest coffee I've seen anywhere (we're not counting franchise coffee). 

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