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Sunday 21st
I didn't end up watching Enchanted last night, or very much of it anyway, as I fell asleep soon after she was sent to NY. Woke up today at 6pm in bed. At some point in the afternoon le beau kissed me goodbye and left for work. He didn't wake me :( My feet still hurt to stand, and my arms/shoulders still ache. Though I can move my forearms now a bit more. 

174 pictures this week.


First day back. Misses first class due to lateness. Though I did get time to file the name change form (I'm taking his name :P). And get a burger for lunch. 

Grill'd - Simply Grill'd

My feet still ache a little and my shoulder/arms are recovering, though progress is slow. We're recovering from Saturday. 

First person to speak to me "Missy, where you from?" O.O you again! There's this creepy old man who wants me to join his church, it seems every-time he sees me he asks where I'm from, and says hello to me in a different language each time. Today it was Finnish. I said goodbye, though what he seemed to hear was 'Dubai'. It turns out he isn't just the creepy old man who hangs out in front of the school, he goes there too...

Second person to talk to me was mr events, I like mr events, one of my favourites. :) He's nice. Went to the office, then seeing the line (50+ people) I decided to do online chat instead. Class was alright, operations management  The tutor, ms events tut is nice, she's Canadian and has been around some of the cities near Alberta. We threw paper planes around and learned some names. Project due week 4. :( Group work coming up. The good: I recognize no one in the class, and there's only a couple event majors in the class. The bad: I'm not a group. 

I got the 2nd (and last) copy of the textbook :P though I heard it's half price from bookdeposity, so I might just buy it. We have yet to check it out.  

Today in cards we had technical difficulties, so didn't do much. We made a card for a boy, that's right, a boy not a man. I do want to make a manly card though. I felt that something was missing with ms card's original so I added a football. 

Yes there is glitter on the card.

That was actually the 2nd card, the first was freestyle with limited supplies (didn't bring what wasn't planned to be used, then the machine glitched). I really like this card, even though it's simple-ish. It's for le beau. ^^ By the time he (skims) reads this he would have already received it, so the suprize isn't spoiled. 

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery 


Dead tired and lost in my dreams I missed class 2/5... next week is the last week. I did intend to go through, I just don't know what happened. 

Milkshake (nice, but too much milk, not enough ice cream and I couldn't tell that it was chocolate) by the pool with a friend. It's inconclusive but I may be a bit mad, apparently I have a high tendency to over-react.

Mother giving advice to a friend of a friend, Topic: "Love is a myth. No question about it." He wants you for your $$$ and services you provide "A chef in the kitchen, a maid in the living room, and a whore in the bedroom." There is no trade in this situation, normally she does everything and he just makes $$$. 

Don't believe everything you hear, mother's old fashioned and doesn't believe in love, and when I look at her and her (choice of) friends I sure as hell don't believe in it. It's more of a business venture, a partnership, a matter of convenience.

Shopping. Was it Tuesday that I bought this books?
First time I've seen the 1st book, the 2nd is everywhere. 


Woke up just in time to make it to school. Failed to bring enough food so we stopped by 'Feeling Fruity' and had their 'Berry Delight' smoothie which was amazing! Much better than their strawberry one. KFC, they old filled half the box O.o it's been at least 6mths since I last had kfc (store opposite our block closed for reno) but I'm pretty sure it's not meant to be half full. Oh well, hopefully by walking 5 blocks back to the building burnt off those calories.

Lunch at the Office

First person I see/slightly recognized was mr IT, had my headphones on (a rare sight) so I'm not sure if he spoke to me, and thought I was ignoring him. Didn't talk to him first as I wasn't certain it was him till I heard his voice. I recall voice better than faces, voice, style (of dress), everything and then face. These days I don't remember many people I haven't spoken to a lot.

Consumer behaviour. Mr cb (tut) is very nice and laid back, though looks nothing like his picture (I look up my lectures/tutors before I meet them and read up on them), the lighting in his picture is awful and makes him way darker than he is. He has a very cool name. There was a little IT fail and I considered helping though if I failed I'd look really bad so didn't, but did kinda help, just not as much as I'd like though. Mr cb (tut) has an amazing name/face memory, he could name everyone (including foreign names) in 15mins after doing roll call. O.O 

To the library to grab that one textbook (mine's at home...) got through half the homework questions. Textbook print is so small. :( Made an acquaintance  a girl from mob who recognizes me for my "distinct style" (of dress), she seems nice, studying culinary management (she gets to cook!).

I like mr cb, he's funny and has big personality. Two main approaches to consumer behaviour: cognitive (consumer's influences affect beh) and behaviour (product affects consumer), mr cb favour the later. 

Mr cb asks "Do consumers always know what they want?" My answer: "Only half the time. The other half they only know they want it if they see it. :P" He then said that's the problems with females XD (with apologies to half the class and his wife). 

Shopping. Cadbury meets Oreo. Confectionery or cookie aisle?

Not my pictures as I haven't opened it yet.

Cadbury coated popcorn! The perfect mix of salt & sugar. 

Yes I think I may be addicted to sugar. Love these!


New record made for fast time getting to school 70 minutes. With >5min waiting time between each train/bus. :P

A few hallways have been blocked off due to work (paint/carpet/other trade stuff) going on over the next few month. The only lift in the building is out of order. As a result many people including myself have discovered the stairs that go from G to Level 5. 

Performance Man. We were told that there was no admin for the class, no rolls and stuff. Most laid-back tutor ever, he plays the fiddle and has worked with Baz L back when he wasn't as well known. O.O Groups of 6. Mr pm (tut) looked me my funny when I asked if the event we were putting on was a virtual (online) event or real event. 

We're putting on a real event O.O a gig he calls it. This would the one class where it helps to be mainstream. I'm not into bands, clubs/pubs and try to stay away from liquor  I have no idea what I'm doing! And while it sounds bad the only event I ever organized was epic fail (one person turned up, and 2-3hrs after it started). The wedding we're working on slowly, but we haven't called around and booked everything within a month. 

So if we're putting on an event it's going to cost $$$. How are we going to fund? There's only so many bake sales and bikini car washes you can put on. It's all happening too fast and it's scary. 

There's six roles and I'm the operations and logistics manager. What do they do exactly? Not really sure... and it doesn't help that part of the project is doing job descriptions. Half the group had majors (marketing/acc) but the other half didn't. Would have taken the IT part if they had one. Computers is something I can do. 

Perf Man lec. I like to have the lec first, but in this case if I did I'd get home at 11pm (normally I get home 10pm). May have freaked out a little as it was all very fast. Mr pm (lec) calls me miss potter as I was the only/first person to put my hand up for "Who has the study guide?" and "Who has the book?" XD. 

Got a 9am class (leaving 6.45) tomorrow but after finding out who's taking it I'm dropping it. Research methods aren't fun, worst part of psych. Unfortunately it's on my list of subjects. The lecturer has the ultimate accent, if you record her voice it's a straight line. Monotone with no punctuation  One long rant, that I'm not sure is even in English  I think she went off into random asian languages as I dozed off last time. 


Not much happened on Friday. Shopping. Didn't buy too much. 


Had dinner with le beau, made salted caramel popcorn, had salted caramel pudding - we both love salted caramel. Though I think he does a tiny bit more than me. We watched 'Bend it like Beckham' (and this time I didn't fall asleep :P), and had a long hot bath. I really like Lush's Each Peach Massage Bar. Achievement of the Day: Made a shopping list for Priceline's 40% Off Skincare Sale for next week. 


After brunch we went shopping, Myer was having a sale and le beau found some very nice knitwear. Bowling after lunch Adrian and Helen joined us, they won with a draw, le beau let me come 3rd. Had a headache and was dying throughout the afternoon so I had a disadvantage. 

Spent the evening crafting. Out of double-sided tape, so we're got to wait till Monday to get more. Paperclips holding it all together for now. Homework was to use the frame to make a card, I decided to go with the mermaid design. Made the background myself.

Le beau loved the card I made him :). Scroll up it's the 3rd picture. Not the mermaid. :P

Do you ever make cards? Perhaps only on special occasions?

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