For dessert there were three selections: chocolate fountain (no strawberries :(, ice confectionery (asian icy poles you get at asian shops) and the fridge. In the fridge there's mainly cake (and a couple cupcakes), mousses, fruit and other desserts in a cup e.g. pavlova  trifle. There were also some asian desserts (like something with taro in a cup) and fruit.

Chocolate Fountain! 
There were hard lady fingers, waffles (the straw like ones)
100s & 1000s, mini white choc chips and marshmellows. No strawberries. :(

Coconut Tarts

Everything was average. Chocolate fountains for me are more of a novelty thing - unless you can dip fruit in it. :P The coconut tart was dry and tart part store-bought. Dislike. The green "m&m" was hard and I think part of the deco rather than food. 

Cherry Trifle

Caramel Bavarois & Blueberry Mousse
Strawberry Romanoff & Raspberry Mousse

Lemon Meringue

Fresh Fruit Tart & Lemon Tart
Passionfruit Tart & Plum Crumble 

Orange Drizzle Cake 

Orange Caramel Mousse
White Choc Gateau
Something with peach... 

Tropical Grass Jelly

Caramel Cupcake
Cream Cheese & Banana
Blueberry Mini Muffin

Unknown - Something cheesy with logon fruit

Ice Lolly - Melon & Durian

Cherry trifle cheesy thing with logon fruit, kiwi mousse, 
black forest cake (the one with the white rolls), blueberry cupcake 
and German chocolate cake (triangle). 

My favourite desserts were the German chocolate cake and kiwi mousse. Highly recommended. The blueberry cupcake was dry and the other foods were nice but not amazing.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and stomach space so didn't try most of the desserts offered. Next time we plan to get there earlier around 12pm to spend more time there.

With our BOGOF $30 offer it was totally worth it and highly recommended. 
Stick around for our China Bar (Burwood) review coming up in a fortnight.

Have you been to China Bar?

Part 1 - Savory

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