Comic-Con - Original & DIY Stuff @ Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A few things I saw and loved at Comic-Con last week, originals and things you could go DIY.

Mogo & Co
Oh wow these are amazing! Badges & Earrings.
This lady makes them all by herself, and sells them at conventions.
Wasn't sure which to get so didn't get one, but it's on my wishlist.

The perfect KK gift for a brain surgeon.

Love this, shame I don't wear t-shirts though.

Bunny Ear Clips! DIY?
If I see this again I'm buying it. It was $6.


Absolutely adore these mini bottles! Though I'm not sure what to out inside them.
Always wanted my name on rice. Bottles of glitter and gold. Isn't it pretty? 
Bottles aren't cheap though. We've yet to find the original supplier.

I want a bottle with blood in it, as a pendent.

These are super easy to make yourself. Supplies from ebay.

I do like lucky dice. In red. A dice necklace/bracelet would be nice.

Micro-chip jewelry for the girl in IT. 

My Favourite Vendors 
Ninja Monkey
Miss Pixie
Sucre Noir
Clockwork Butterfly

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