Donburi & BBQ @ Thursday, July 18, 2013

On a Thursday evening before the show we had dinner at Donburi & BBQ, in the food court at Paramount Center, near the theatres and China Town. 

The Menu - Click to enlarge

I had a Bento Box, $8 from groupon which is usually $17 in stores. That's above the average price, which is around $12-15. You can't see it in the picture but lunch is $13 while dinner is $17, after 5pm surcharge? Some places have a $ difference though it's usually only $1-2.

Chicken Bento 17.00

I had the Chicken Katsu (House Specialty Chicken Breast Cutlet) Bento, which came with 
salad, miso soup, egg roll, Korean pickles and steamed rice. They decided to skip the miso which I didn't realize till now. 

Really liked the fried chicken. Though jas says it's just like KFC, which I've never tried - I always go for their original rather than crispy. Other than that it was average. Definitely not worth it. My favourite bentos are from Peko Peko and Shyun. 

There wasn't much to take pictures of, but that was expected after we discovered it was in a small shopping center. Think Australia on Collins but smaller.

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