Gyoza Douraku - Japanese Gyoza Bar @ Friday, July 19, 2013

After the show last week jas felt peckish and we spontaneously picked a place, which usually doesn't go too well, but fortunately not tonight. Conveniently Gyoza Douraku was across the road from our destination: dessert. On Thursdays they're open till 10.30pm. 

Orb Lights - Reminds me of atoms. Molecules.

One very colourful & bright bar.


Interesting tables.

Drinks. They had a menu just for drinks! Mainly sakes and other Japanese drinks. I had a strawberry melon mocktail, which didn't turn out to be a good idea as I'm allergic to watermelon - but I did like it. Next time I'll try the slipper. 

Pink Illusion $7.00

Meanwhile jas had some alcoholic drink that smelt like vodka. A waiter explained what each was made from and recommended the order of consumption. Impressive, but jas didn't end up liking it.

Sake of Some Sort $12

With gyoza (pronounced as 'goza') being in the name I ordered just that, with prawns 'ebi'. Smaller than expected but I like it. And the cool tray from which you make your dipping sauce with. I like it but it wasn't amazing or anything.

Prawn (ebi) Gyoza $10

Gyoza Dipping Sauce

Gyu Tan no Shio Yaki $13.00
Grilled OX tongue with sea salt or sesame oil

Jas had ox tongue, which he liked while I thought was interesting. So an ox is not a male cow, cause that's a bull? But it's not a buffalo or water buffalo either. I'm confused... He's thought the dish would be larger, someone failed to read entrees. 

Service varied from friendly to very friendly (we were served by three waiters), especially with the guy who I think was the manager (30-ish, shaves his head, smiles). Something cool that I haven't seen anywhere else was the baskets they had under the table to put your stuff in. The deco was nice too, and I like the bar.

We went there for a late night snack/dinner so the atmosphere would have been different to during the lunch session, it was dim (as seen in ox tongue picture) but I didn't feel as though it suited as a place for a date though. A place to go with friends I think. We'll be back for lunch soon - they have set menus, $2 coffees and $3 juices. This time I wouldn't order anything with watermelon. :P 

By the way their 'German Potato' is just wedges with bacon and Japanese mayo as I disappointingly found out. 

What's your favourite Japanese place in the CBD?  

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