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The other week I went to Comic-Con and there were lots of vendors who sold cool jewelry  from custom headpieces from Germany ($120+) to stuff that's been sourced from ebay for $1-1.50 and sold for $20! Hope no one got ripped off. Here are some of the things I saw that I recognized, btw I'm not targeting any vendor in particular  Also it's not a crime unless you say you made it. :P

My favourite piece that could be found on ebay was the 'Time Turner' from Harry Potter. It's $75 from the official store, but I saw one at the convention, not sure if it was an 18k one from the store, but it can be found on ebay for around $5. I've just bought this one myself. While I do actually buy $$$ jewelry I only buy real things that I'll wear often, rather than costume jewelry which I like to get from ebay or Lovisa.

Globe Necklace - 1.30

I love cameos, things from the Victorian era. Costuming & Corsets. 
Not a cameo, but this is one of my favourite goth/skull necklaces. 

Vintage Rotary Phone $2.00

Phone $2 - Teacup $1.50 - Globe $2 - House $2.50 
Heart $1 - Heart (2) $1 - Camera $1.20 - Glasses $1

Note that you can't change the battery and they last 3-6mths. Link.

Birdcage $3 - Ball Pocket Watches (3 Colours) $2.75

Necklace $1 - Earrings $1 - Ring $1
Here's a picture of the collection.

Necklace $1 - Ring $1

Roses $1 - Mask/Doll $1 - Eye $1 - Coffin $3 - Bat $1 - Owl (Pearl) $1
Bow (Mesh)(Dotty)(Bk/red)(Exact) $1 -  Shoe $3

Bunny Ears - (Moonstone)(Diamond)(Emerald)(Silver)(Pink)(Bronze) $1 

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