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Second Week of July

This week not much happened, the only days I wrote about was Thursday & Friday night. Many days spent in bed, and not getting around to doing stuff I planned to do, like going to Chadstone (this is happening on Tuesday after class) or buying a birthday cake for mother. 

18hr coma. 7-6pm days are long and being anemic I don't have the energy for them, that's why I take everything part time. Though I still have up to a decade left I don't have the energy. I will probably never get married or see the world. Mr IT says I should focus on studying and finishing my course, but with limited time and energy I'm taking it slow and doing other things not related to work. 

We finished the series 'Emily Owens M.D.'. I like it, but found it flat on drama. Watching it cause of Michael Rady :P though I still prefer him in the Mentalist, in this series he looks too much like Merlin (Colin Morgan). A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. ;)


Omelette & Rice with Salad and Corn

Feeling motivated after my nutrition class I made lunch, and dinner. However my healthy eating plan failed for the rest of the week. I know the stuff I just don't apply it. Does anyone else have this problem? I find it requires too much effort to do meal planning, go shopping and carry though all the way.


Dinner at Donburi & BBQ 

Tonight we went to see a cabaret show. It was interesting... Rated MA. I don't think you need to get nakid to create art. And some people look better clothed... the show was interesting, I've never seen anything like it, and I know le beau wouldn't approve. I have never seen some much nakid people irl - who I didn't sleep with. O.O 

Ursula Martinez was amazing, no idea how she made the hanky *poof*, loved the circus girl (Jess Love) and her lovely outfits, which she didn't keep on for long :(. Sarah Ward was great in 'Hot Stuff' and pretty in a silver glitter corset with a white peacock tail. One of my favourite acts were where two women dresses as men and flirted provocatively with the audience, inviting them for the horizontal tango :P.

The Talent

Prawn (ebi) Gyoza - Gyoza Bar 

Jas wanted to go for dinner after the show and so we spontaneously went to a Japanese place, service was very good, especially from the one who I think could be the manager. Spontaneousness is the story of how I spent $45 on food for dinner, and it wasn't at one nice restaurant.

Dessert at Passionflower - Jas's Banana Waffles

This was semi-spontaneous, it was on my wishlist but on the other side of the city for me (I'm between Flinders and Southern Cross) rather than Parliament. I had the 'Black Pearl' and liked it. $15 on ice cream is a bit iffy though. I'd prefer the $9 1L tubs of premium ice cream from Coles. They mightn't have black sesame or durian, but they have lots of great flavours still.


Spaghetti & Meatballs

Lunch with le beau. We were going to meet for coffee milkshakes but he changed his mind and decided to make lunch instead. This was after not talking to me for 3 months and 20 days. Spaghetti & Meatballs are one of our favourite foods, something amazing as I don't have much in common with anybody. We talked about what happened, I'm not allowed to talk about a certain imaginary friend who I know is gone, ever again. And we're together again. :) Long-term engagement  We have no intentions of getting married anytime soon, though perhaps at some point we might just elope rather than go through the elaborate plans.    

Toby had his milestone party today. The theme was "the past" and so there was corsets, togas, school uniforms (hot and not), swing dresses and many top hats, but no tails. He got a new dog, it's so cute! And he likes me :) animals don't usually like me. I got licked on the face...

For my costume I went looking for this...

... but instead found this.

Yes that is my engagement ring, I was wondering where I put that.

The one I bought remind me of these cookies.

Love this headpiece for my outfit though I have no idea how to make it.

Miss Havisham was the one and only guess on my outfit that was close :P it's Dickens, but I'm the 'Ghost of Christmas Past'. I have a lantern. Props are important. Lots of comments saying the outfit was bridal cause of the veil, though I have a few wedding dresses, and this outfit isn't remotely bridal. :P Though I have an inability to dress casually.

At the party there were jelly oranges, jelly in oranges which was very cool. I've only seen them online and never irl, though I don't see much irl, tv is as social as I get. There were green, orange and red ones. The green ones had vodka :P.

Isn't this hilarious? :P

How was your week? 

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YUM!! The waffles look delish! But so does everything else!!!


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