25th June

And we're almost up-to-date on posts, in a way, as I'm writing this the week after in happened, and the lag is I'm always posting out what happened last week. 

The Physicists, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

In the drawing room of the grand villa Les Cerisiers (former residence of the once prominent von Zahnd family, now a sanatorium) a nurse lies dead, strangled. In the next room her murderer, who believes she is Albert Einstein, plays the fiddle as if nothing has happened. Inspector Richard Voss investigates.  From a bizarre beginning, Dürrenmatt develops a profound and blackly comic exploration of the boundaries of madness and sanity, and the responsibility of the scientist in society.

At some point I was curious and looked up 'Les Cerisiers' which I found out is french and means 'The Cherry Trees' - or something close to that.

The Set - 3 doors for 3 physicists (2 pictured).

The the last was spent at school in rehearsals (though a different school, not the college of business I usually go to) and performances. Four dressed rehearsals and four performances. I've never done anything like this before (school plays where you don't rehearse out of class doesn't count). Everyone was really nice, and as always I was the new girl. At first I was hesitant to sign up, as we performed throughout the 3rd week of exams, with the timing but fortunately I had 3/5 exams before and the other two afterwards*. 

Quote of Day*: "I didn't notice I was dead"  - Nurse, talking to inspector who asked if he (the inspector) was fiddling with his notebook too much.
*Occurred at some point during dressed rehearsals.

At some point the Inspector made these really nice vegan cupcakes. 

Wednesday - Opening Night

Nick's Cottage

Went to see 'Gatsby' the ending was sad :( but we did love the cottage/castle and Spiderman. Went shopping, 3 for $5 TimTams at Safeway. Picked up a few treats from the US from Aldi. I don't get why they don't have white marshmallows only in a pack here.

My hat fell off and I was bit too fast with one line, other than that it was good. :) Jas bought me red roses (Emily's idea). She seemed to like the play more than him, though they both said "guy with the tray" was hot. XD Note that he was fully dressed, and not showing his spandex act that makes me think he looks like a Ken doll. :P

Three because I can't decide which picture is the better.

Thursday - Day 2

Made lunch. Naturally something went wrong. It blew up in the microwave.
There was sauce everywhere, but the pasta part was perfect.

Didn't lose my hat today, as as it was tied under my hair. Though I stumbled over a line, need to slow down. Wellgunde lost of her shoe (it fell off - on stage).  

Entered a chance competition. Won Tim Tams. :) Entered again twice to determine how easy it is to win (I don't often win chance comps) and didn't win. Chances are probably less than 1/3 I'd say.


Friday - Day 3

I didn't stuff up this time! :) The thing is to go slow and you won't fall over the words. Lina made sandwiches :) I like the chicken one. Wellgunde used double sided tape to stick on her shoes tonight. :P Interestingly when she played the cop and drew the chalk outline of the body she drew a smiley face XD but didn't know why. It was a spur of the moment thing.

Le beau & co came to see me tonight :) and this morning 
I received some lovely roses. Forgot to take a picture of the actual ones...
before I put them in water, so here's an identical one in the box.

Therapy. Diagnosis: "Infatuated with a Teacher." ... *death glare* Google tells me "Infatuation is the state of being carried away by unreasoned passion or love". I am not cool with this! E says "It's just [a] coincidence that your teachers [are] hot." Actually almost all are old enough to be my father and I don't see them as hot, they're more either really nice or friendly. 

Crashed in the afternoon. Food poisoning symptoms, and I had two things that morning, lasagna and Boost. Wanted to die - I was in lots of pain. Fortunately by the time Nurse Monika came to pick me up I was better. The show must go on.

While I was sick I was in an altered state of consciousness  The line I read made me feel sick and dirty, I washed my hands till they were dry (didn't realize that at the time, only later as I was leaving for theatre) but still felt contaminated  It was not the word "infatuated" but rather the word "teacher" - I was sick after all. The word upsets me very much. I don't see Austin as a teacher - though he does what a joke, le beau is a teacher (not mine, he teaches elementary) and half my friends were teachers. Though I could never be a teacher myself, as if I lost it I'd go on a killing spree, kids can be cruel (childhood trauma). As a tutor it's not that bad (there's only one girl who annoys me) but as a child I was bullied at every school I went to. 

When I'm sick I'm vulnerable, and feel/think things that don't normally come to mind, in this case Macbeth.

Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!... who would have thought the old man to
have had so much blood in him?
Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. - - Lady MacBeth (V.I.35)

I only remember snippets like it was all a dream, but as I took notes when I was sick I can go over it.

Back to (relatively) normal levels of consciousness  Nope, I don't feel guilty. Though perhaps it's more about losing le beau because of the whole event. 

When I'm sad/upset I think of le beau and that makes me happy, or at least it used to. These days it just makes me feel worse. Much much worse. I miss him so much. 

Saturday - Day 4

Our last performance :( all went well :). Like yesterday I delivered my lines without falling over them. Tonight seem to go fast that yesterday. Tonight's audience was nicer and they didn't just hide in the back two rows like yesterday, they also laughed whereas yesterday there were crickets.

Lots of make-up used this week. 

Oh dear it's Sunday :(. But I got up today. I'll miss theatre now that the season's over. Today we cleaned up the place, I helped by painting the set black (we painted the door frames white for the play). :)

At some point Sister Boll made cupcakes. She's the resident baker. :P

Living near the theatre it was more convenient to bring dinner with me.
On Wednesday I made 'angel food cake' which was so amazingly light!
Other days we had creme caramel, bananas, lasagna and beef stew.

Lighting girl gave everyone nice cards and chocolate hearts. :)
It must be hard to write a card for something you don't really know.
My stage name is a secret. :P  

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