Secret Recipe - Melbourne Central @ Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Friday we went to Secret Recipe for cake.

They sell cream cakes, cheesecake and asian lunch stuff.
Picture taken when there was less people there, closing time.

Was it necessary to take pictures of all the cakes? Probably not. :P

The staff (guy with the red beanie) were very friendly and helpful, recommendations were made and a high level involvement analysis was conducted. The final decision was cookies and cream, creamy cheesecake vs solid cheesecake.

Someone's bored. :P

Interesting deco.

Secret Recipe is a franchise that started in Malaysia hence it's very popular with asians and well, muslims, which I know would deter a lot of people I know from going here. One person says I'm going to be kidnapped by a gang of them near school (there's a lot of them at school) an another says Andy, who wears the army uniform, is going to be killed by them. Americanism, Andy calls it. Prejudice says Ian.   

Jas had the black forest cake, which was my 2nd pref. I'm so glad I didn't go with that. Cake was dry. In two words: ordinary & dry. What was wrong with it? There was no alcohol  No rum, sponge was dry, didn't soak in the flavours of the cherry. I prefer the black forest at Bread Top.

A dirty dish?! I do hope that's from the cheesecake or forest cake...

I went with the chilled cookies & cream cheesecake, it was lovely. 

A surprise was hidden inside! I thought it was a block of cheese, but instead there were two layers of soft chocolate sponge. The cheesecake was topped of with a Arnott's Ripple Cookie, are we disturbed I can identify it? :P I expected the cookie to be hard, but it was soft, soft but not soggy. Lovely. :) Recommended  Yes. Would I get it again? No, life's too short to have the same cake twice, unless it's amazing.

Where do you like to go for cake?

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