Exploring on Lunch Break - Chadstone @ Friday, November 01, 2013

Tealight Candle Holders $6
How amazing would these be in a pool at night? 

I love this, it's a canopy. It's also $200!

I thought this was pretty, but it also looks like something on Hoarders...

Music box bits! I do like Fur Elisa $10.

Oh wow that's pretty. It's gold sandstone.

It glitters, no idea where the shadow was coming from...
The light was to the left, not behind me. 

Ishka sells hippy-ish, bohemian things. It's all a bit much the styling, colours and all, 
but they do have something nice things. Strange furniture, candles, clothing.

Lunch at Eastern Pearl $7.50

Honey Chicken & Lemon Chicken with Noodles It was nice. Not really a food court fan, 
as I'm in the city and there's so many options. Service varies on who you get. The old woman wanted to charge more for a container, yelled at me in some asian language. Fortunately her daughter who served me was much nicer. 

Honey Chicken

They were giving out samples to promote a new b'fast drink.
Some people took a few, *judges* I took 6 but it was for the girls I was working with.

Bunnies! The pet shop sold nail polish for dogs... so "mommy & me" can match. XD

I like this shop. They're your typical asian variety store, but do have some good stuff. 
Like cheap wedding things, but in limited supply. They have restocked those 
resealable bags I use for xmas food I give away like the mini puddings. 

$6 Masks. They had a few designs, this was the nicest.

This is what I came here for. These bags are $2/$3 and are resealable.
Perfect for those baked cookies and other foods as gifts. I got the 40 pack.
A rare find, as they're usually expensive for what they are or not clear.

Wedding Favour Boxes. Works out to be 25c each. Fill with candy?

40 Pegs, use double-sided/puffy tape, add a punched out heart to make it pretty.
Miniature bottles, love these. They're $2.50 for the pack of three.

Matchboxes 10pk $3. Chest of Drawers in a dollhouse or filled with candy,
like jelly beans, m&ms or chocolate hearts as a wedding favour.
Alligator clips with hearts $4. Wine glass place cards 10pk $3.

I love book boxes. This one's $40. I'd prefer it w/o the top handle.

Found an amazing headpiece! Unfortunately it's too $$ at $35.
The strange background doesn't show up till I upload it...    

Doesn't feel like a Saturday. Pink Ribbon Day weekend. 
Sold over $1k of stuff today! Sold out of drink bottles, running low on bears. 
Got another day tomorrow. 

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I recognize some of these things now :-)

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